Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to White

I removed the awesome red layout my blog has been sporting for the last week or so. It was taking forever to load for me and then a few people let me know it was not loading at all for them, making the white font kinda impossible to read. I just couldn't let my blog be invisible, so we are back to boring until I have a minute to try something else.

As I previously stated, I made a rule for myself that I cannot go online, not at all, not even to check email, unless my kitchen is clean. It is a really horrible, stupid rule that I wish I never would have made. I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen today and now both little children are up from too short of naps and they are grumpy. Well, I am grumpy too! I don't have time to change my blog template! 

PS I know my life is really not that hard... really. I don't need an intervention or another look at Phil's blog.

PPS To see what I spent a little extra time on yesterday, check out my photography blog.


Kelly said...

Yeah, it was taking like 90 seconds (gasp) to load.

Sara said...

Thanks for putting up that link to Phil's blog. I spent a few moments there and it was a good reminder not to complain about my life and to be thankful for all that the Lord has blessed me with!