Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Boy Room Ideas

Poll results of 41 voters (the most voters ever on this blog!):

Cowboy Room 43%
Green Elephants 41%
Primary Colors 12%
Camo 2%

I was leaning toward the Cowboy room and the elephants for the same reasons as all my voters. The red and blue and brown in the cowboy room would go nicely with the rest of our house as well as providing versatility as our son grows. I also really love the elephants, but realize it is quite "baby-ish." I also know me and know that I will be ready to redecorate by the time our son can't stand the sight of another elephant. Stay tuned to see the final decision and pictures as I begin the process. 

Thanks for your votes and great comments!

See the following post to find out more about the room I am decorating. I have 4 very different ideas about what to do with our boy's room. The first is a cowboy room. I think a wester/cowboy theme room would be really fun to do. The picture below uses browns, red, and blue and it is a nice combination.

This bedding set costs $510, so I wouldn't buy it. I could sew a quilt and other accessories using this general look and recreate it. I would paint the walls a dusty taupe and use plaid, the cute cow print, wall decor and accessories to pull it all together.

I love this rope art and I think I could duplicate something like it with wire and rope. I could spell out our little guy's name (whatever it may be). Online, these things are $10 per letter, so doing it myself is a must.  Especially if I am spelling out R-e-m-i-n-g-t-o-n. That would be $90 plus shipping. Oh, the fun of decorating on a budget!

I found this wall plaque and think it would go perfectly in the room along with a "Cowboy Parking" sign.

Little boy cowboy stuff is pretty easy to find in fabric, wall paper, and wall prints. The fabric above would be great on the back of the quilt and for throw pillows.

What do you think of the cowboy room? It has endless possibilities, a rustic feel, and I love the colors.

The second option is a elephant room. A natural choice for our boy's room would be a jungle room. We love Africa and have lots of elephants and other animals (wood and ivory), plus many photos from our trips that would be fun to use.

This bedding set is from JC Penny and is over $200 just for the quilt, bumper, and bed skirt. These items would be easy enough to sew with a simple appliqué and fun green and brown fabric choice.

This is just one of many, many elephant pictures I have from our safari in Africa. The pictures would look great framed and matted on the wall.

I like Wispy Green for a paint color. A soft green would compliment the theme nicely.

I found these 2 fabrics that I love. I see the stripe vatical for curtains and the dot used for the back of the quilt, pillows, and bumper.

This room idea has lots of possibilities. I like the colors, I like the elephants, I like the dots! What do you think?


I've heard the experts say to surround your infant with bright colors. It's good for a baby's eyesight development. Then what could be better than primary colors for the room decor? This is the third option.

This bedding set is from Pottery Barn Kids, so you can guess that only the very rich can afford it. It would be so easy to duplicate the look though, without going Dr. Seuss.

I would have no trouble sewing seams that aren't straight to make a quilt like this one! The other bedding would be easy too. Stripes and solids and a small print instead of the Dr. Seuss characters is what I have in mind.

I would probably paint the walls just one color, a yellow like Haystack or Little Angel above. The walls are so funny and sloped in the room, that trying to do different colors on each wall or stripes like the first picture would be tricky... I've been down that road before. No one better suggest painting plaid.

My baby would have the best vision ever with yellow walls and red curtains! Using primary colors would be really fun to decorate a baby boy's room.


The final baby boy room idea is a camo/outdoor room.

The picture above is really quite overwhelming, but gives a good idea of how easy this theme would be to do. I googled "camo decorating ideas" and came up with thousands of options. People go a little nuts with the theme, so I would have to be careful not to become some psycho redneck mother decorating a camo theme room for her first son. It could be done very subtly and be perfect for a baby boy.

I could use camo fabric along with greens and browns. I could get kacki canvas and make a curtain for the alcove and it would be like a tent opening! Yes, yes, I know. It would be very easy to get carried away.

Bears and other rustic items would work perfectly in the room. I see pictures in raw wood frames on brown walls.

A thick brown rug would be nice on the wood floor. It has a camo feel without being too "theme-ish."

I could have my crafty husband make up a sign for the wall and paint our son's name on it, similar to the plaque above.

What do you think of the camo and outdoors theme room? It is very boyish and very easy to create. Leave a comment with suggestions and make sure to vote on your favorite baby boy room idea on the poll.


Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Please, please do not do the camo room! I know I have issues, but I don't like little boys dressed in camo. I guess it represents war to me and that's not a happy picture.

I'd vote Suess or elephants:-) But again, I'll live vicariously through you since I will always have egg-shell white walls...

Won't call you today since I can see you are SUPER busy!

Shawna said...

I am so glad to be commenting first so my vote isn't influenced by others! HAHA

#1 choice is cowboy - I love the red and brown and I think the colors have room to grow as Little Mister grows. Rick was from WY and I had Cowboy/Sheriff and Fireman on the list for a boys room for us. I love stars so that also fits in well with the cowboy. The options to change seem endless with this one. You mentioned a tent for Camo, you could have one here too, a TeePee maybe or a covered wagon material type area!

#2 I love the connection that you have with the elephants and Africa and the personlization that go with it with you photos and memories. The only draw back might be Remi might turn out to be fascinated by something other than elephants so it might be hard to grow with him. I love the green and brown (two of the colors in Madison's room)

#3 Probably my least favorite which is funny because before I was pregnant I knew what the research had shown about primary colors and I was determined to decorate with them if I ever was blessed with a child. I don't know if it was the hormones that did it, but I realized that the nursery decor is really meant more for the Mom than the baby (They get stimulated with contrast lots of places). I needed the nursery to be a place of calm so I could relax when the baby was not. I wanted to walk in the room and immediately feel at ease. Primary colors were too stimulating for ME so we went with something else. (Red and Blue are my favorite colors and I collect Americana stuff - so let me tell you it was hard to pass up the custom carved star Americana flag red white and blue crib when I found it online...but the best decision by far to pass).

#4 - I like camo much more than I used to. They make neat patterns for girls too, with butterflies in the camo pattern and it is fun. I have a camo sleep sack I could send you, wait, you wouldn't be able to find him! I like the bear/camping theme too, a lot to work with. This is my #2 favorite, second to cowboy only because I like the red/blue accents and I am partial to stars, in the first one better, gives more punch I guess. (different patterns of camo are hard to match I have found. I found Madison some cute pants and I can't for the life of me find a shirt that will match! Just something to think about if you go with this one, get you fabric all at once.

Looks like you are leaning toward browns and that is nice. A lot to work with. I bet you get a lot of feedback and I hope you don't mind that mine is so long!

I can't wait to see how this plays out. Okay I have said enough, better go. I so enjoy your posts.

Kari said...

I would go with elephants. Lucky you, to have a baby room. We didn't have a nursery, the crib moved from room to room. When number 2 was almost 2 the upstairs rooms finally got their makeover and became children friendly, although not really a theme in either one.

Kellie said...

Oh man, lots of choices!

I actually like the elephant theme the best, it just screams cute little boys room to me. You have LOTS of time for Big Boy themes so as long as you don't mind redecorating in 5 years I say the elephants are a good choice.

My second choice is the cowboy room, I'm a sucker for cowboy themes and it'd be pretty easy for you to pull it together. It has the possibility to grow with your son as he gets a little older, but then again he may be way into Cars or Basketball so you just never know.

sherri said...

How will you ever decide! I hardly know how to vote, but I love that cowboy print, but the safari/ elephant would be fun too

Lindsay said...

I'm kinda drawn toward the elephant one for some reason. I like the colors. But I agree with Shawna, it might not "grow" with him as long as the cowboy or outdoorsy one. But really, you can't go wrong, they are all adorable!

Anonymous said...

Elephant or cowboy goes with the rest of your house. I think elephant matches your love for Africa. Jenni Birch
We saw Mom & Dad Peters at Burger King yesterday:)

Tawny said...

They first 2 are the cutest-- either the brown red and blue cowboy or the green/brown elephants (I liked the striped pattern a lot. I think khaki for a boy's room is cute too!)

Alyce said...

I like the elephants the best. I like that it would have personal touches like the photos. The colors and soothing too (of course I'm biased - green and brown are two of my favorite colors).

Leah said...

I voted for the elephants because it would be the most personal for you (with the pictures you took). I thought all the themes were pretty cute, except the camo one. 'outdoorsy' without camo could still be fun. The camo just says hunting and guns and redneck to me....

Laura said...

Picking one is too hard!!! And unlike most of your readers, I like the camo! You would do a great job of using just enough camo rather than going overboard. But then you have to go and confuse the whole thing with elephants too! My only recommendation would be not to do the Dr. Suess, it doesn't go with the rest of your house. If it is the color red you are wanting, go with the cowboys :)

Linds and Manda said...

I voted for the cowboy room but I'd have to say the elephants are a close second. I think it would be neat to have pictures featured from your trip to Africa.

Kelly said...

First I must admit my jelousy that you have the space and money to do such a thing.

Josh had the cowboy theme when he had his one wall to call his own. I spent under $100 for all the bedding and a matching lamp plus the crafts. I painted wooden stars and used prints from the free ag posters and calenders.

I vote for camo. Your son will like camo. It's normal.

rae ann said...

i'd go primary colors to keep to a budget. i know that ikea has loads of super cute, inexpensive accessories that you might not otherwise be able to incorporate. plus, it's classic. you would be able to use and reuse so many of the decorative items over time.

my second choice is the elephants because it is so personal to you. i'm also drawn to the more earthy colors.

congrats on a boy! how exciting!

Kelleigh said...

I like Cowboy or Elephant. I have a feeling that Cowboy will stick around longer and won't feel as babyish as Elephant, though! Plus, it is totally easy to find cheap decor for a Cowboy theme.

Lisa Morrish said...

I'm very sad that I missed the poll! I would have voted for the cowboy room (aren't you surprised?).