Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Golden Shag

Poll Results (22 voters):
54% say trim her hair and bangs
27% say keep up with the hair accessories
18% say to wait out the funny hair stage
Pretty relieved be won't be opening up the Golden Shag with Owen since no one voted for that option.

I am still not quite sure what I will do. For now I am going to wait it out because I have other things to do besides chase a toddler around with scissors. If I cut it, rest assured there will be pictures. Okay, even if I don't cut it there will be pictures. I can't help that she is such a cutie- pie, bangs in her face for not.

We have a problem. Don't worry, it isn't of problem of epic proportion or anything, but concerning none the same.

We all love Owen Wilson. He's funny with enough sarcasm to keep us laughing, and he's charmingly handsome, in crooked nose kind of way.

The problem comes when our beautiful toddler could win a Owen Wilson look-alike contest.

If fluffy blond hair that is out of control is in fashion, then Mandy has it covered. Owen and her could start a salon in Beverly Hills called the Golden Shag.

I can hardly handle seeing Mandy with her hair covering her eyes day in and day out, yet I realize cutting bangs isn't always the answer. She won't keep hair clips in and resents pony-tails. So here are the questions to get us passed the Owen-Wilson-look-alike-stage.

Should I trim her bangs so the poor baby can see?

Should I keep on with encouraging hair accessories until her hair grows more?

Or write Owen's people and discuss the possibility of the Golden Shag Salon?


Cathy said...

I'd cut the bangs and let the rest keep growing unless you're waiting for something else. If you think you'll have a hard time cutting her hair, you can always try it when she's sleeping! :-) I've heard that works pretty good!

Grace said...

I am really thankful that I just let Lydia's bangs grow out and never tried dealing with the "baby bangs". Although it drove one woman in my church insane, the hair in her eyes eventually found where it was supposed to go and she also got better at wearing hair clips. We haven't had this trouble with Bethany!

Kellie said...

I say leave the bangs alone and keep working on the hair clips. I had to put them in a zillion times when Grace was a baby before she'd leave them in for awhile. We eventually did cut her bangs and it's taken forever to grow them out. she has a cowlick in the front and bangs just don't work for her very well!

Kelleigh said...

You KNOW she would look adorable with cut bangs, however if you can stick it out you will have a MUCH easier time fixing her hair!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have two daughters with downy, slippery hair and I have tried both bangs and no bangs. Kate had hair in her eyes, as does Mandy, so I cut bangs. Every month I have to cut them. She has to have a lot of bangs to keep them out of her eyes; but she looks groomed and cute so we go on. Lucy had the same wispy hair in her eyes and I decided to leave it be and skip the bangs so that I wouldn't have to cut them every month. Every time I want her to look cute I have to put minuscule rubber bands in her hair. Thus, I do not think that bangs or rubber bands is easier - to with whatever you think is cuter and easier for you! Jenni Birch

Alyce said...

I've got two words for you "bag" and "balm." I've heard it's a great hair-styling accessory. :) I'm sure it would hold the long bangs out of the way until they grow out! ;)

Lindsay said...

First, this is so funny. The Golden Shag!

I vote for no bangs. After a while she'll get used to hair stuff, just keep at it. I find that the little rubberbands work the best for fine hair, then I sometimes put a cute clip over it. I was very anal about Anna's hair from an early age. Now, she has the toughest scalp around. But she is my only girl. :)

Choco Girl said...

I would trim the bangs totally. If she were a little boy living in Southern California then I'd say keep the shag look. But she is a cute little girl living in Oregon.

Linds and Manda said...

I'd vote for growing the bangs out. Maybe that's just my repressed high school student talking but life has been much easier for me since I grew out my bangs. Although I could probably benefit from a trip to the Golden Shag once in a while. So funny! That idea about small rubber bands sounds like a good one. Does she keep those in?