Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field Report

It occurred to me that I haven't done a farming post in awhile. You've probably noticed that everything is green and beautiful and if you have allergies, they are bugging you full-tilt about now. That is because the farmers have started cutting for hay and the pollen is a floatin'. They'll be busy cutting and then bailing for the next month or so in the Valley.

Jeff was about a mile down the road from us this afternoon, so we went for a walk. We went by and then through our wheat field, such a pretty color of green. It always amazes me the transformation from the grassy green looking field in the spring to golden ripe stocks of wheat by mid summer.

You can see the wheat berries peaking out of the stock.

I'll take more pictures as this field changes. I may be the only one who finds the changing fields fascinating, but I have to do something to pass the time -- the hard working farmer isn't around much these days.

The girls enjoy our outings in the sunshine as much as I do. Man, those rainy days are hard on a mama and her Little Ones! Emma rides her bike, although she would really prefer to take the Gator. And Mandy is relegated to the stroller. She yelps and screams and cries and groans, wishing she was able to ride a bike too, or even walk, or run.  It is a rough life for the little sister. I think even the position in the above picture would be preferable. Don't ask me why, but both girls love to cram themselves into the bottom shelf of the stroller. There is a big sticker that says, "Not a seat." They can't read.


Melanie said...

Oh man - I've been thinking about those hay field lately - how gladly I've left them behind. No more hay fever!

Kari said...

I think the grain is so very fascinating. Has your hubby done timothy grass? It is GORGEOUS! It grows ridiculously tall(compared the grain and alfalfa) and sways so beautiful!

My farmer will be cutting in a couple more weeks. Right about the time the house comes.

Shawna said...

Looks like the girls are checking out the 'not a seat' area for when baby brother comes and takes over the stroller! Your perspective on farming is refreshing, seeing it through a photographer's eyes. I can remember visiting my father (alfalfa farming hair dresser) when I was a kid and taking pictures of the beautiful purple flowers and watching him enjoy his 'hobby'. Fond childhood memories.

Stacy said...

I was wondering about the farm post series you started last year. I thought they were interesting and informative. Keep us educated.