Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's broken

There are a couple times in life (an hour) when I don't have the answers. Like when we were on our morning walk and encountered a broken down truck -- our broken down truck. We stopped to "help" and Emma had lots of questions.

Emma: "What did it run into?"

Mom: "Nothing, it is just broken. Daddy is trying to fix it."

Emma: "But why it not working?"

Mom: "I am sure Daddy would like to know why it is not working, but he is trying to see. Let's just watch."

Emma: "Maybe he run into something and that why it not working."

Mom: "Sometimes you don't have to run into anything for it to stop working."

Profound life truths... profound.
Mandy surveyed the problem and came up with nothing.

Yup. That's an engine. I am no help here. I hope you were not anticipating a farming/mechanical tutorial this morning. When I asked my husband to explain what he was doing so I could write about it on the blog, he gave me this look:

And he gave me no further information.

On the way back home, we encountered more problems when Emma's tire blew up. Actually, the inner-tube blew and there was a hole in the tire, so it was pretty dramatic. Again, we had this conversation:

Emma: "Why is it not working?"

Mom: "Because the tire doesn't have any air in it, so you can't ride it."

Emma, "But what did I run into?"

Mom: "Nothing. It is just broken."

Emma: "And it is not working?"

Mom: "Nope. So how are we going to get your bike home?"

This was my solution. I am a brilliant mom.

It just proves that in life some things break for no apparent reason.

And sometimes things don't work and you have to tow them home with your shorts about to fall down. It's just life.


Kellie said...

What great life lessons your girls got yesterday! I really like your solution to the bike problem, looks good to me!

Andee said...

Ahhh. Life lessons. Good stuff.