Thursday, August 14, 2008

Miss Blackberry 2008

Who needs Sear Portrait Studio when you have candids like this? I have an aversion to studios anyway, but you already knew that about me. Real life is far more entertaining to me than trying to get her to sit on cue in a little room with bad lighting and an amateur photographer making minimum wage without people skills or baby skills and have an appointment than runs into nap time or lunch time. If it is a vignette you desire, I can give you a vignette.

But she has something in her teeth, so you say. This is Mandy at her finest and she is loving it.

Did I mention she loves blackberries.... just a bit...

I question my own sanity to let a baby loose with such squishy staining treat, but she was so happy. So happy.

It was easier than cleaning up the high chair.

And she had a bath right after this.

Photo session over. Time to clean up before she stays purple for life.

Be very, very thankful you do not have to change her diapers. :0


The Meikles said... does this mean we can send you some of our best pics and you can fix them up for us??? lol.

Cathy said...

Oh, this is too funny! The portrait is beautiful!! Perfect in every way...and I, too, have had my share of those wonderful blackberry diapers :0).

Grandma Sherri said...

PTL for Oxy!! Almost time for the
1st BD photo shoot, This is adorable and you're right- full of the real Mandy!!
By the way guesss what I found under the bed in 'Emma's" room?
2 matching pink and white polka dot tops, do you want me to send them down with Uncle mike or wait until Sept 7 when we come? Call if you want Mike he's leaving tomorrow.- or I could send them.