Friday, September 12, 2008

4 year old pictures for Benton

On Tuesday I set off to the big city to scout a location for a senior portrait session that I am doing next week. The customer has a specific shot in mind and I am looking for an eye level dock-like structure with wide wooden planking in a public setting, but not too busy of a location. Minto won't work, but I found something at another park that is promising.

While I searched, I figured I could take pictures along the way of my nephew, Ben, who is turning 4 years old in a few weeks. Although he is crazy talkative, he is also very obedient and came along with me while I posed him and tried to get him not to say "cheese." At some point all parents think it is a great idea to teach our kids to saw cheese to get a smile. I think it starts when they are babies, but we regret it for years to come. "Cheese" smiles are very hard to undo.

Along the way, I also took pictures of Benton and Nathaniel together. They are so cute and will do absolutely anything for Yo-Go's.

Emma tried to get in most the pictures as usual. It is beyond her realm of thinking why I would not want her in all the pictures. She loves her cousins so much. We are really blessed with cousins on both sides of the family and Emma doesn't know how good she has it with play mates her age at every family gathering. She lists her cousins all the time and says after each one, "He is my cousin and my friend." 7 out of her 8 cousins are boys and she loves them all.

We even got a few pictures with Stitches, the favorite dog. I took more pictures and have some posted on my photography blog if you want to jump over and see them.


Lindsay said...

Those are really cute. I love that last one of Benton. What a handsome boy!

Grandma Sherri said...

Its a good thing they haven't figured out how to charge a cute tax or we sure would be in trouble! We have the cutest grandkids- no predjudice!!

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

This last picture almost looks like Andrea! He's a good lookin' kid!

Cathy said...

What great pictures...all of them! Just adorable!!

Linds and Manda said...

Great pictures. Wow, Benton looks so grown up. Time flies.