Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the road...

We have a trip coming up that we are really excited about. We are going into Canada, staying for 3 days in Banff and then journeying on to Saskatchewan to visit our friends, Amanda, Linds and their son Liam, and a baby due the week after we leave.

The trip involves several pretty long days of travel; a 8 hour day, a 7 hour day, and then an 11 hour day just to get to SK. On the way home we have a similar driving schedule. Of course, the worse case scenario is that the girls will whine and cry the whole time in the car and us parents will be miserable as we try our best not to whine and cry back at them. 

The best case scenario, the one I choose to embrace, is a happy family taking in the beautiful sites, singing silly songs, listening to books on tape, and enjoying each other, all while traveling to see wonderful friends. In my perfect world, Amanda will also have her baby while we are there. I can make her food and clean house and then we'll leave with smiles on our faces, ready to get back in our car for long drive home, singing all the way.


Grandma Sherri said...

aren't pre-memories wonderful?!!Praying that the real ones will be fabulous as well but in living color, HD, and surround sound. Little scary if there's a baby crying... but it sure must be beautiful at this time of year! (by the way my cell phone isn't working)Camp phone if you need it is 360-357-8425.

Sara said...

Yes, there are always so many unknowns when traveling with young children. Hope it goes well for you and that you have lots of fun! To be even more positive, I hope you will come back from this vacation refreshed and rejuevenated....okay, so maybe that's a little too unrealistic. ;o)