Monday, December 29, 2008


Our incredibly busy Christmas season has come to a close. Like any big event, much preparation goes into it and then it is over faster than the snow man melted in our front yard. The best part of the last week was the family. Family, family, and more family. The presents were fantastic, the food outrageously rich and delicious, the decorations beautiful, but the family is what makes the fun memories. Where else can old humorous tales make us laugh and remember? We joked about cousin Phil selling us his junk when we were kids, Vince's tooth that got nocked out by the stool end table in Grandma's basement, Bobbi's dislike of the family green beans, how Andrea always reads a book before she gives it away, and the always present festive holiday sweaters worn by the matriarchs. The past segued into the future as we shared our lives with each other. Jeff and I feel fortunate, although sometimes overwhelmed that we have 6 family Christmas events to attend each year, making 26 gifts that we bought this year. At each one, gifts are exchanged, much food is enjoyed, and we get together with family who come from near and far, though treacherous weather.

I didn't take enough pictures last year, so I went overboard with picture taking at our celebrations with my mom's family on Tuesday, my immediate family on Wednesday, Jeff's family on Thursday, the beach with my dad's family on Thursday and Friday, Jeff's mom's family on Saturday, and Jeff's other extended family on Sunday. I know these pictures are hard to see in the collage, but only about 4 of you care (click on the image to enlarge it). I will probably post more later in boring January when I am dreaming of fudge and eating carrot sticks to try and lose the 7 pounds I gained since Thanksgiving. Yes, 7 pounds. I enjoyed every munch, crunch, and ooy-gooy morsel and now the hard work begins. I love Christmastime. :)


Lindsay said...

And I am too scared to even get on the scale! I know it will not be good news, but it was worth it and that's what January is for, right?

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you guys. You don't look like you even gained a pound so maybe you won't have to eat too many carrot sticks. :)

Janelle Rispler said...

I love the picture collage (you might have to tell me how to do such a thing on my blog). It was fun seeing all your family celebrating together! Six different times! I can't imagine---you must be ready for the calm of January and February... Let's do something together after you've recovered from the hustle and bustle.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the whole collage is Jeff sitting in the corner with his arms folded.


Sara said...

I enjoyed seeing you and your family at one of your six family Christmas events. =) Good luck working off your 7 extra pounds...good thing I'm pregnant, so I can blame any weight gain on the pregnancy! ;o)

Phil Ewert said...

I wonder if my long lost cousin would send me a few of the Christmas she said she would =). No pressure really. thanks Aly - phil