Monday, December 01, 2008


I love Thanksgiving weekend. There is something about being surrounded by good family and fantastic food that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Also, Thanksgiving means sale ads and preparations for Friday morning shopping, which I also love.

We ate on Thursday with Jeff's immediate family and of course we had plenty of food and plenty of fun. It's an intimate affair with all 18 of us! Sorry no pictures because I forgot my camera.

My parents were in town and stayed with us although they went to my dad's side of the family for the celebrations. My mom, sister, and I wanted to go shopping on Friday morning, but my sister's husband had to work and it really would have put a cramp in our style to complete shopping by 7:30am so she could go home to be with her boys. We came up with a plan to make everybody happy and my nephews stayed the night at our house, leaving my dad home with the 4 grandkids.

It's a tradition now that my mom gets the kids matching Christmas pj's. They were so cute!

The children did well, grandpa survived. But enough about that and back to the SHOPPING. It was so great. Being up that early with a bunch of other people high on bargains is exhilarating. I know some people just can't fathom why anyone would participate in the insanity, but I think it must be like "The Princess Bride"; you have to grow up with it to appreciate it. Half price socks! How can you resist?

Half price sock have nothing to do with The Princess Bride, but I have heard from people that they think the movie is SO dumb if they only watch it as an adult. Then, those of us who grew up with the crazy movie think it is a classic, a must see. Just like Black Friday shopping. See the comparison?

Jeff came with us just for something to do and he claims he can't sleep without me in bed beside him so he might as well go with me. He is the sweetest guy and proved to be very valuable in the mayhem. He stood in line so us ladies could shop and patiently stood with all the crazed, make-up free, frazzled women for over an hour and a half at Kohl's. I love that man! At one point I came up to him in line and he was holding 3 12-packs of multi colored wash clothes, a bath mat and some sterling silver earrings. He nonchalantly said, "Just a few things I picked up along the way." Apparently my mom had found him and dropped off her treasures. I laughed so hard -- things are funnier at 4:30am.

I purchased some good finds and am well on my way to being done with my Christmas shopping. I only have a few things left and will probably order things online. My list of sewing projects keeps growing though, so I should probably get back to that instead of designing a new December blog header and template. Oh, the importantant things in life. Check out my poll and leave a comment, I've missed you all this week!


Lindsay said...

There are always good stories after black friday shopping! Love it!!

I like The Princess Bride too :)

simplykersh said...

Glad you had fun, I am a home body when it comes to black Friday. Although on the Princess Bride, I completely love it. It was even quoted in "the voice" of the priest in our wedding. Half the audience was laughing, and the other half was thinking, "that poor man, what a speech impediment and all these people are laughing." Then he switched voices and the second half was really confused. I heard we started a movement, The Princess Bride was checked out of many video stores that night.

Grandma Sherri said...

Limitless thanks to Jeff who endured long lines and Grandpa who endured 4 children tickling him, and Nataniel's snotty snores at 4 something. So many bargains, so little time!!

Kellie said...

Sounds like you had a great time shopping on Black Friday! My husband refuses to imbibe in the madness so he got left behind with our kids and my cousins. And I TOTALLY scored half priced socks!

Shawna said...

I so get your analogy to Princess Bride. Makes me wonder what our kids will have as their Princess Bride when they are our age!

Sara said...

This was the first year I didn't go shopping on Black Friday due to being away from home (at Dave's) and morning sickness. But I think it's fun and I love getting good deals. Usually Kevin and I split up so we can hit twice as many stores as close to their opening time as possible. I guess not many husbands would do that, so I'm pretty lucky. =)

I must be an anomaly to your Princess Bride movie analogy - I saw it for the first time as a kid (I think around 8-years-old) and hated it. I've steered clear of it ever since. To be honest, it scared me and gave me nightmares (the big rats, that gross life-sucking machine). Also, I didn't find the type of humor in the movie to be very funny. I hate that movie with a passion. =) And as another incongruity to your comparison, I didn't grow-up with Black Friday shopping, but only started doing it as an adult and I love it! Guess I'm just weird! ;o)