Friday, January 16, 2009

growing up

Mandy is 16 months old today. As usual, she has been busy growing. Lately, she is personifying the cliche, growing overnight. Shoes that fit her one day, don't the next. And a onesie that snapped with ease last week doesn't even come close the next time I go to put it on her. I finally got around to taking her measurements to compare then with her 12 month stats. Here they are:

             Height Weight
12 months 29" 19 lbs.
16 months 32" 23.5 lbs.

I had a creative idea to show you the dramatic change by taking pictures of a onesie that fit in December and one she wears now:

Ooh, ah. Dramatic. That girl is growing, you say. Now check out the shoes. She wore a size 3 at the beginning of December and was wearing size 5's by Christmas. I recently tried on a size 6 and it fit just a bit loose.

Mandy wanted to demonstrate her growth spirt a little differently.

See, she can't get this size 3 on at all. Very effective word picture, Mandy. Thanks.

Yes, there are the onesies that were so nicely portrayed in the first shot. She's so helpful.

And there are her shoes. She says, "ooz, ooz." She really loves shoes, no matter what the size.

Mandy talks constantly. Most of the time we can't understand a word of it. Here is a list of her current words:
little kid
big kid
baby crying
child crying
picture of Emma
picture of Mandy
picture of anyone
*Our little linguist. All of the above words are synonymous with "Emma." Emma is her current catch-all word.

Other real words she says:
grandma (undocumented solo witness being grandma herself)
what's that
baba (bottle)
momo (blanket)

Mandy is a sweet little child and time is really going fast as she grows each day. She's an extraverted performer (just like her mom. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, let me stop laughing). A few days ago she held her first impromptu performance with underwear on her head and shoes on her hands. She came into the kitchen crawling and singing. She loves to make people smile and has a terrific fake laugh. Her greatest loves include Daddy, Emma, the cat and Mom, in that order. I don't mind playing second fiddle to the cat because some day, after the cat is long ago been turned into road kill (sorry sensitive readers, it is the life of a farm cat; that we love deeply by the way; and we will be very sad when/if he were to be road kill), Mandy will arise and call me blessed (Prov. 31:27). Until that day...


Sara said...

Abby has a great fake laugh too! I must say, I never knew they developed fake laughs so early, but Abby is quite good at it. And, of course, Abby shares Mandy's obsession with shoes...and as you said, no matter the size. ;o)

Sara said...

Oh, and by the way, I feel the need to defend your poor cat - I hope that he lives to ripe, old age and dies peaceably in his sleep, not as road kill. I still don't understand how anyone cannot love cats. =)

Kellie said...

I'd say she definitely hit a growth spurt! It's funny how that works. My kids grow so slowly that I'm always shocked when they outgrow something. I have no idea what Ethan's stats are but he's in 12-18 tops, 6-12 bottoms, and just getting into size 4 shoes so he's definitely smaller :)

Stacy said...

I was thinking of the difference in boys and girls in the language department. My #4 is similar age (Mandy's about 2 weeks older I think) but I could never make a list of words he says. Growing though, we've got that. He's about the same size as my 2 year old!

Shawna said...

I love your list of words, especially the child/big kid/little kid, that's amazing. Madison saw some kids at the park today and said "baby" to all of them. They were looking at her like "Who you calling baby, baby?" It was funny.

Love the 'momo' too! This is such a fun stage...finding out what words they are saying and then asking them to say stuff like 'refrigerator' and hearing their interpretation.

Cathy said...

That's quite a growth spurt!

Andee said...

Please remind Mandy that there are quite a few of us counting on her being a baby! No more growing up allowed!

Jessi Reber said...

Is that the same "baby" we hauled around Washington DC just last May? :)