Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Emotionally yours,

Thank you to all the well wishes from the last post. I feel so blessed by the friendships I experience through the blog! 

To answer your questions about the blue bedding... yes, a boy would be wonderful, but so would a 3rd girl. The girls' relationship is so very precious that I know they would adore another sister to put beads and princess crowns on (although they would probably do that to a brother too). A boy would be fun because, well, we don't have a boy yet. God knows the gender of this child and knows exactly what our family needs. I can't wait to find out.

I've been decidedly more emotional these days. It's not like I actually burst into tears, but my throat clenches and my eyes get teary at the craziest good things. You know the part in Sleepless in Seattle where the friend's wife is talking about the movie An Affair to Remember and she says, "...and she's too proud to tell him she's (insert tight throat and tears)..... crippled."

In case you needed a visual, watch the movie clip above. So, here are some of the things I've been that emotional over lately:

  • When Rush gave away a Sleep Number Bed on the radio to a woman who had just had back surgery. You could tell the woman was in total disbelief and said "thank you" ever so sincerely. Rush also sent her a free can opener for all the canned goods she will be eating since soon that is all she will be able to afford in this economy.
  • Singing the song, "Only You" at church on Sunday. "Only you... can shape the mountains. Only you, can hold the heavens. Only you... can love me deeply more than I understand...."
  • When Emma said, "I want to be as tall as you mommy; as tall as the wall."
  • Watching my husband do the dishes.
  • Feeling Mandy's tight hugs.
  • Hearing my sister's voice when she called from Hawaii yesterday.
  • Watching Emma fold laundry.
  • Seeing Mandy help set the table with excited eagerness.
  • Praying outloud. Doesn't matter what it is. I can't even make it through "Thank you for the food" without tearing up.
  • Checking Mandy in the night and hearing her say, "Mama."
  • Mearly holding newborn infant clothing and thinking of my baby to come.

As you can see, I can't get through the day without being completely overcome with teary happiness. What made you emotional recently? (no pregnancy hormones required)


Shawna said...

To be honest, what made me emotional recently was reading your last blog, first tears of sadness over the loss of the loss of your baby (and your friend's baby) and then tears of joy for the new life you are expecting. What an emotionally charged post!

Before that, I was emotional over one or Rick's 5 year old fish getting himself caught in the log and struggled to get free. Rick had to help him and now we are treating an injured fish. It's just a fish, but for some reason it hit me weird.

I get emotional when Madison gets herself worked up into a fit and can't get calmed down. I feel like a failure and have to hold the tears back until she isn't around.

I sure remember those pregnancy hormones. When I ask Rick what the worst part of my pregnancy was for him, he says "the crying". For me it was the barfing, but hey we all have different perspectives of the same movie right?

Take care! Shawna

John and Kelly and our lambs: Joshua, Jacob, Josiah said...

Realizing I may not have more children and that if I don't have a daughter I will never get the chance to plan a wedding (since I didn't have one)

Sara said...

My most recent emotional experience happened last night. I had some bad dreams about not being able to get to Abby when she was crying and needed me. I awoke upset and went to her room to check on her just to make sure everything was okay. I sat on the floor next to her crib for about five minutes, just watching her sleep and praying that God would take care of my precious girl.

Lindsay said...

Ok, first of all I really need to watch Sleepless in Seattle again. I was busting up over that scene!

I am totally like that though. I don't think I have ever gone a week without crying. I refuse to watch Extreme Home Makeover because I alwasy sob the entire way through it!! And when I was pregnant it was even worse. SO I totally get where you are coming from!

Shawna said...

American Idol tonight made me cry, now how crazy is that? One of the contestants was talking about the love she has for her son. When the segment was over, Rick looked over at me and said "Are you CRYING?" I better be careful or he might make me take a pregnancy test!

I FORGOT about Extreme Home Make Over! Gets me EVERY TIME too! I had to quit watching it.

(Tawny) Does "not preventing" qualify as "trying"? :-)

Melanie said...

Oh gosh - last weekend we were watching this documentary about immigrants who came to New England and worked in factories here. I was hoping no one would talk to me because if I had to open my mouth, I knew I was going to start crying.

But seriously, congratulations on your pregnancy. A friend just told me they want kids and she has miscarried several times, and it does sorta change the way you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Most recently... reading all the other comments made me teary... But the last real trauma was Saturday when I woke up from a nap and Jonahtan (my husband)was not there. I knew he was out for a run, but it was dark out & I thought for sure he had been shot or beaten up. In the part of DC we live in, that's a too common occurance. He came strolling up shortly after the sobbing began.

Stacy said...

Today's a day for crying over all sorts of things, though I like your list better.

I remember crying a lot when prengant. Congratulations!

Both of your posts have been perfectly timed for me. Today as I finished reading about getting teary, I was wiping my own tears over other issues I saw yesterdays title...that's what I need today, a change in perspective.

Andee said...

I don't know why reading your post about being weepy made me weepy, but that was only the most recent. Right before that, it was the moment I beheld by babies' faces after being gone a whole week! And right before that, it was at the memorial for the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. For all the lives lost there and since and for all the idiots who don't recognize sacred ground when they are on it. I'll cry over anything at the drop of a hat, but when it comes down to it, I am upsettingly unsympathetic.

Tawny said...

I am a walking relatiship failure, so I can't stop crying these days. Plus I am a new auntie, a dog-lover who can't keep a dog alive, and a decades worth of school is almost over. *sob*

The Brothers said...

Oh, congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys!
You're definitely making my baby itch worse, though...I'm a bit jealous...