Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Free photography session

Looking for free pictures by a world renowned photographer? Okay, it is just me, but one of my Africa pictures was published awhile back so now I am clinging to the "world renowned" title. Check out my photography blog for more information. I'm looking for a few different types of customers to expand my portfolio and build my new photography website. Spread the word to your family and friends who live locally. The session offers apply to locals (unless you are paying for a plane ticket) and are first come first serve. Also take a chance to vote for a photography website URL while you are on the blog. Thanks!

(Nathaniel, 20 months, Salem Riverfront Park)

(4 friends, summer 2008, Bush Park)

(Annalies senior portraits, Bush House)

(Emmaleigh and kitty, winter 2008)

(Mandy, winter 2009)

(Wyatt, winery in Polk County, Fall '08)


Linds and Manda said...

Oh, how I wish I fell into the local category...for more reasons than just a free photo session. We did just get pictures taken at Libby's three month mark. You'll see them soon.

Grace said...

OOhh! I really want you to take pictures of our family ( hopefullly later this spring). I wish I fit in one of your categories ( maybe pictures of my hubby and me?), but we'll try to work something out later on. Your prices sound really great!