Wednesday, April 08, 2009

They are too cute...

I still have a heavy heart today (see yesterday's post), but nothing lightens the burden like smiling little ones. They are so carefree and oblivious to life's real problems. I had the privilege of taking pictures of 3 of the sweetest babies in the last couple of days.

First was Josiah for his 1st birthday. What do you get the boy who has enough clothes and toys from his 2 older brothers? Pictures of himself of course. And he was delighted to cooperate.

Josiah is the easiest, nicest baby I've ever seen. His mother agrees. He is just so easy-going. I could take pictures of him all day long and I think he would let me. Turning slowly this way and that saying (I'm sure), "Do you want me to look reflective now, how about a dazzling, dimpled grin?" More pictures on Paradise Photography.

Next was Nathaniel for his 2nd birthday. What do you get a boy who has enough clothes and toys from his older brother? Pictures of himself of course. This is what happens with a photographer in the family. 

I think Nathaniel enjoyed the 2 on 1 attention at the park and his mom singing "Patty-Cake" over and over again. "Happy Birthday" also did the trick. I took about 50 pictures with every one of them totally cute. I am getting a little cocky, because that usually doesn't happen.

We were at the City Park, fitting since my sister and I grew up in town and went to this park often. I warned her to be prepared when she saw the old swimming pool location. The pool of our fondest memories is now bulldozed into a pile of mud. Change is hard to handle in our little hometown. At least the park is still beautiful, but could someone please paint the formerly primary-colored, cement tube?

Mandy was looking totally stunning on Sunday in the beautiful dress my sister found for $6 at a consignment store. Mandy has 2 official Easter dresses, so we had to spread the love and wear one on Palm Sunday. Blessed girl. Although Mandy was tired and hungry after church, she still threw out a few smiles for me to catch.

Emma missed out on the pictures this time around. Perhaps next Sunday I'll be able to convince her not to wear black tights with brown shoes and a pastel pretty dress.


Kellie said...

You have some adorable subjects to photograph! Hopefully Emma agrees to not wear black tights with brown shoes with her Easter dress. That probably isn't the best combination for that particular holiday.

Kari said...

what are they doing to the pool??? It is still there in my bulldozer's allowed!

Lesley Miller said...

Oh my gosh! Mandy is a little girl now and not a baby! I didn't recognize her. I thought, "There's another cute little girl. She must be the little boy's sister." Mandy has teeth! And long hair! (I'm talking as if I see her everyday, but I sort of feel like I do!) I love her Palm Sunday dress. So cute.

Jess said...

As a life-long Dallas resident, I was sad to see the pool demolished as well. In fact, I took a picture of it and meant to blog about it . . . maybe one of these days! And I agree that someone really does need to paint the tunnel. =)

Cathy said...

Beautiful little ones!