Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Boy

Poll Results of 28 voters:
James 0
Thomas 3
Harvey 5
Leonard 2
Ernest 2
William 8
Isaac 1
Abe 6
Other, non family name 1

Thanks for the voting... deliberation will most likely contiue for the next 4 months or so.

Part of me knew from the beginning that I was pregnant with a boy. And the other part of me was in denial because having a boy freaks me out. I know little girls... I don't know little boys.

"Oh no, circumcision!" is the first big worry, followed quickly by, "Oh no, we have to choose a name for a boy!"

I have 4 months to worry about these things, but my brain can't help spinning around the possibilities. I am sure the mothers of my 8 nephews will be a big help with my circumcision fears, as well as all my friends who have lived through having a boys. As for the name, eek! It is a good thing we have lots of time. We had a girl name picked out and it would have been easy. A boy name, not so much! There were a couple of boy names we agreed on before, but now we have no idea as the reality of naming the male child are staring us in the face. Walker Remington is not a serious consideration, just to relieve your fears. Neither is Rascal, Colt, or Peter.

For the middle name we would like to do a family name, as we did with the girls. Emma's middle name is Danielle after my middle name and my mother whose middle name was after her father, Daniel. Mandy's middle name is Rose and short for Rosella, Jeff's grandma. Middle names for a boy are a lot trickier because, well, as I said before, we have 8 nephews and many of the male family names are used already for their middle names. That doesn't mean we can't use the name again, it just means the decision is more complex. And that is why I am asking you to vote. Here is a list of the possible middle names for our son:

James* (dad)
Thomas* (dad)
Harvey (grandpa)
Leonard (grandpa)
Ernest (grandpa)
William* (Jeff's middle name)
Isaac* (great grandpa)
Abe (great grandpa and dad's middle name)

The names with an asterisk are used by our young relatives for middle names. In parenthesis is the relationship of the person to me and Jeff. I didn't put Daniel on the list because we already have a Danielle.... great name for a great grandpa, but we want to share the love. As you can see, many of the names are already used: James, Thomas, William and Isaac. This is why we need your help. 


Anonymous said...

I love William. Or you could use a variation like Liam or Will.

Lindsay said...

Well of course I love William :) But I also think Abe is a great name, off the list of names not used.

Web Author said...

My husband and I were also good on agreeing on girls names but could not come up with boys names we both liked for the life of us. It got to the point where we eventually had to agree to disagree and revisit the issue once our son arrived and a choice HAD to be made. And then we chose a name that wasn't either of our favorites but fit him once we saw him.

We also do family names for middle names and Ethan's middle name is my brother in law's first name. There's certainly nothing wrong with adding your brothers names as possibilities for family names! Gives you more choices.

Of your list I like James, Thomas, William, and Isaac which must mean I have good taste since they've all already been used. At least you have a good selection of family names to work with. I had Dutch names, Delbert, Dennis, Ralph, Clifford, Robert, and Jack. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Leonard was a really neat man and Abe is great name also. You will do fine being the mother of a boy - and thankfully Jeff will help out too.
Jenni Birch

Lesley said...

I like William and Isaac. I also think it would be cool to do Harvey or Leonard...they are a bit outdated names right now but names always come back, right? You could even do "Len" for short.

Have fun naming!

Anonymous said...

Im curious as to what name you had picked out for a girl. I like Leonard. "Leo" is a cute name too.

Kelleigh said...

I totally missed your boy post!! YAY! Congrats! I'm so excited for you! Of course, I know exactly how you feel. I would be so scared to have a girl after having two boys because I have NO idea what to do with a girl. The hair!! The whole "lady-like" training? Eek!

But, don't worry. As you said, there are lots of us Mothers of Boys around to give you LOTS of advice. Whether you want it or not!! Hee, hee!

Grace said...

At first I was like, "why doen't she like Peter?". Bit of a duh moment there! I love Thomas. Bethany would have been Thomas. Also my dear grandpa is Leonard so I'm partial to that as well!

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

I liked your Grandpa Harvey, so I'd have to vote for his name, but any name that is given in honor of a loved one is well chosen:-)

The Brothers said...

You know, name him what makes YOU happiest! We also have old people names in our sons' names, actually we put the old person name in front, so we have:
Curtis Solomon (My Gramps, and that also that makes him C.S. Lewis)
Richard Malachi (Micah's Gramps)
Anthony Levi (Micah's Great Gramps)and
Henry Zephaniah (Nobody, we just thought he needed an old people name to match his brothers and Henry made me chuckle).
Next boy will probably be Walter. Because it's hilarious. Or Micah likes Floyd. Same reason.
We're sadistic like that.
Pick a name that makes you smile when you say (or yell) it! :)