Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Recent events...

I got backed up -- in a purely photographic sense. Usually I download the pictures off the camera as soon as I take them, but this week and last were busy!

Each of these pictures probably deserves a post of its own. There is no time because soon there will be camping pictures and mother's day pictures.

Can you figure out our recent happenings from the pictures alone? See if you can give the photos a name...


Shawna said...

First of all they are ADORABLE!
One: Fashion Sense
Two: Cozy Big Girl Bed
Three: I don't know enough to try except the little boy is very "hampum".
Four: They say the younger generation is much more tech savvy than we are so, I only assume they were showing her how to properly use her camera.
Five: Is it swimsuit season already? Very HAPPY!
Six: New Camera?! YIPPEE Or maybe perhaps, selling the old one and needed a picture to post on craigslist? Oh wait, I see the "for sale" sign now.
Seven: What a big girl drinking from a BIG cup! Or is she pouring it down the front of her. Looks like her mouth is closed with a steady stream going down the front of her! Such a big girl on her stool though!

Kellie said...

Did you get the new camera?!? Super exciting!

And how's the big girl bed going? I'm hoping to wait until this fall to transition Ethan out of the crib. Mostly because I'm frightened of what will happen when there are two children loose in one room. Yikes.

sherri said...

I'm just going to name the first one "Fashion by Emily", Or shall we call it "The Impatient Cook" since she is sitting in front of the oven?
The swim suit photo is beautiful and I love the drinking practice too.

Linds and Manda said...

Number one is definitely fashion sense by Emma. She might just have her own line when she's older and we will have to have to apologize for laughing at the pictures on your blog. :) I see Emma enjoying some swimming and Mandy drinking out of a cup (very cute by the way). I also notice the camera for sale. Does that mean you have the new one you want? Hope so.

Brad Skeldon said...

I might be interested in the camera, mine is giving me trouble at the moment. How much are you asking?

Sara said...

I LOVE that first picture of Emma - adorable!!

Sarah said...

Is the camera digital? If so I might be interested in purchasing... please let me know the specs.


Sarah Davis