Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Craig's List Finds

I like Craig's List. It is a good place to buy and sell locally. We bought our car from a family in Salem and we've also sold a few things. I like to peruse the ads for good deals because you never know when you will find just what you are looking for. This morning as I was eating breakfast I was checking the new postings. And I came across this:

The ad said, "Must sell family heirloom santa! $40."

Is the reason for selling perhaps it is giving the owner nightmares? That is my guess.

This posting said, "Selling brand new child's play horse with all accessories. Daughter is scared of it. Paid $300, will sell for $90."

What a deal, if you have a child with a strong constitution who wants a big motorized horse.

I'm in the market for a new couch, and I found just the perfect one! This theater sectional is only $600. We can have one more guest, any takers?


Annie said...

I love it! For all the great deals I've found on craigslist there are at least 10 lame ones. But hey, I bet someone is looking for a santa just like that!

Kellie said...

That Santa is horribly scary and the couch is just bad. Really bad. I have a couple things listed on Craigslist right now (trying to scrape some funds together to get a decent flash!) and actually sold my breast pump today to a lady in Salem on bedrest. It felt good to get rid of an item I no longer have use for and even better that I was able to help out a poor mom on bedrest. Now if someone would just hurry up and buy the ugly silver bridesmaid dress I'd be cooking!

Lindsay said...

That is so funny! Seriously, the SANTA??

I once read an ad where a lady was giving away something baby related but she had all sorts of stipulations. Bascially she was saying that she wasn't giving it to someone who didn't need it or was just going to go sell it, but she wrote a whole list of stuff like, "if you come wearing designer clothes and drinking a starbucks you are not getting it for free". It made me laugh I even forwarded it to friends :)

Michal said...

lol. good luck to the sellers!:)