Monday, June 22, 2009

Staying clean on the farm

I've heard there are some kids who don't love dirt. They cry "icky" and run looking for a Wet Nap at the mere sight of dirt. There are also mothers out there who can't handle their children getting dirty. A 2 year old munching on a dirt clod would probably send them into the psych ward. While those mothers have blessedly clean hand-me-down clothes from their pristine children, they would also not last on the farm.

From infancy, both the girls have loved playing in dirt. I could probably say that playing in dirt is a favorite past time. It used to sort of bother me, watching my baby crawl to the muddiest spot and plop down to dig tiny fingers into the grime....

Now I have come to terms with the reality and the laundry. 

It is a blessed time of evening for me. I just put the girls in bed after bath #2 of the day. I usually don't bother with more than one bath, or a change of clothes, but they got into a fight and were throwing dirt at each other before lunch. Such sweet little princesses. It was too cold for the hose, so it was a bath or allow the grime to seep into more crevasses of my house. I am amazed at the dirt in the bottom of the tub!

Eek! What are they doing? Are they actually foraging for dirt?

Emma went in search for the perfect dirt clod to throw into the river. We were helping take the pump out of the river after irrigating last week. I road on the pipe trailer through the field and my phone bounced out of my pocket. We went on a long search for it and I was dreaming of a new iPhone, when we miraculously found my regular old Razor in the clover. It was singing, "She thinks my tractor's sexy.... it really turns her on... she's always smiling at me while I'm chugging along" as Jeff called my phone over and over again during the search. You have to love personalized ringtones. I have yet to find another one that is so perfect for my husband's calls. I'm even kinda crazy 'bout his farmer's tan.

The girls love nothing better than dirt, but a close second could be yelling into pipes. Maturity must take the glee out of the activity, because I don't see the allure. What I did see was some fantastic pipe to use depth of field on.

Yep, yelling into pipes and climbing on pipes is pretty fun.

Running through the field is also a good activity.

And riding on the tractor with daddy.

Just another load of laundry.... I mean, day in paradise.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun today. I love the last picture of Jeff and the girls. For some reason it is more amusing to see cute little girl with their hands full of mud... I guess we expect it to be the boys who have all the fun! Jenni Birch

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Of course, I grew up with my hands in the dirt and played in our back forest, but I've become a wimp with dirt and my child. Probably has a lot more to do with the lack of a yard and the fact we have cream-colored carpet than anything. You'll love our pass-me-downs!!

Linds and Manda said...

Looks like a perfect day for the Peter's family. Being the city girl at heart I have had to get over getting my hands dirty in the garden. I rarely wear gloves...unless, like this morning the weeds are taking over. Their just easier to pull with gloves on. Liam also likes to play in the dirt. Puddles probably supersede this though. It rained most of Sunday and in the evening Liam and I went around the campus searching for the biggest puddle. It was one of those moments I wish I could just pause life. Whether it's splashing in the puddles and getting soaked or yelling into the pipes and digging for dirt...they are growing up so fast and I must's kinda neat to experience childhood again with them. I just don't remember ever wondering when I was a kid if the stains would come out in the wash like I do now. :) Love you.

Cathy said...

I love it that you have embrassed farm life and let your girls have the time of their the dirt...on the farm. What great memories for all of you...and I'm sure their daddy LOVES seeing his girls rolling in the dirt! (How do you spell embrase...that's not right and for the life of me, I can't remember and am too lazy to look it up right now) :-)

Cathy said...

OK, after all that, I HAD to look it up. EmbraCe! Thank you! Now I feel better...oh wait....I have to type it right so it looks perfect...embrace. There. OK, I'm OK...really. Geesh.

Kellie said...

My children are less attracted to dirt and lean more toward the rock persuasion. They are obsessed with gravel and rocks and could spend hours playing in our gravel. They pile it into buckets, trucks, and the garbage cans on the side of the house. For the most part dirt doesn't bother them but Grace cannot stand dirt in her sandals. It's actually been pretty annoying because she won't keep sandals on ("my shoes are dirty!"). As a boy Ethan thinks dirt is hunky dory. Good thing they're both washable.

Mel said...

Hey Alysun,

I love these photos of the girls. And I love the fact that they're diggin around in the dirt all the time. :) But sorry about that laundry...

Quick Africa story about kids and dirt...I have a little boy Arsenal that I care for in the village. After using the latrine yesterday, his pants were still down and he decided to sit in the dirt and drag his butt along like a dog. I don't know what he was thinking... (Maybe it's a culture thing?) But just something to beware of with your little one coming. :)

Hope that you and your baby boy are strong and healthy!

Take care.

Andee said...

I think it's more of a boy thing than a culture thing, Mel. If my guys had thought of it... There's still time, I guess. My boys are into rocks. There's not a summer day that goes by that I don't wonder what we were thinking when we put in those river rock paths.

Lisa said...

Mud has to be one of the coolest of things. I still love playing in mud! A fun, muddy exercise is a mud run. The race is interrupted periodically with pits of mud. No one comes out clean! Fun times.