Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cooling off and other fun stuff

The girls and I just got back from a trip to visit my parents. My parents work as year-round staff at a Christian conference center and Bible camp in Washington. My Dad works maintenance and my mom is head of housekeeping. They are incredibly busy this time of year, but took a break to entertain us during some of our visit. The setting is ideal on a big lake and there is no shortage of things to do. It is a kid's paradise, if only we didn't have to drive 3 hours to get there. 3 hours not including bathroom stops and "I'm famished and might die" stops for food. On the agenda: bouncy house, swimming in the pool, water slide, drinking pop in the dining hall at every meal, and visiting the 3 play grounds multiple times.

The weather was a bit chilly when we got there, but warmed up each day in the afternoon to make swimming in the pool very fun. I am going to try and remember that I recently had to wear long pants, socks, and a fleece to keep warm as the temperatures creep up passed 100 degrees this week.

Emma swam around on her noodle to her heart's content.

Mandy also loves the water.

A bit too much. She has no fear and jumped in twice without anyone to catch her. Even though I lifeguarded, I am still amazed at how a little child can so quickly slip under water while adults are right there. Both times Mandy went under I was close by, but not close enough to get her right away. My life-guard brain told me that the few seconds under water didn't hurt her, but visions of her struggling under water haunted my dreams that night. Please let this be a reminder to you to be extra vigilant with your children in the water. Life is precious.

The next day of swimming had Mandy being much more cautious, hanging on to Grandma for dear life. 

Speaking of fearless...

Emma scoped out the water slide one evening after dinner and decided she wanted to try it the next day. It is about 100 feet long and goes down the steep hillside straight into the lake. I was sure (or maybe I was hoping) that once she saw it in action she would chicken out.

But I forgot that my fearless 4 year old doesn't chicken out. She watched the big kids for a few minutes and then said she was ready. 

This won't be the last time her adventuresome spirit leads her down exhilarating paths. Just look at the look of excitement on her face as she speeds down the slide into open water!

I can hear the phone call now, some years in the future, "Hey Mama, I'm in Tajikstan! The train trip from China was only a few days long, so I figured, why not? Don't worry. I met some nice guys from Italy and they seem to know where they are going, although they don't speak any English."

"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." -Elizabeth Stone

My husband has family that lives near my parents and I called up cousin Sara (and blogger friend) to come and swim with us. While the others got their fill of the water, I held Baby Ben. Mandy was whining beside me and I assumed she was jealous of my attentions going to the baby. But I soon figured out that Mandy wanted the baby to herself.

Mandy wasn't happy unless she was holding the baby and the baby wasn't very happy unless Mandy was nowhere in sight. Our little baby boy will be getting love overdoses from his attentive sisters. Both Emma and Mandy love babies and Emma talks daily about her boy baby who is coming soon through a small hole. Ya, something like that and don't remind me. She also enjoys coming up with names. Today she told her Sunday School teacher that her boy baby was named Mongo. Yesterday it was Boysen. 

Cousin Abby (1 month younger than Mandy) really enjoyed the water. This was her first time in a big swimming pool and she loved it.

I have no idea what the lady in the background is doing. Sorry Sara, I'll crop her out and send you a picture, but she was too funny not to include.

On Friday, I attended a workshop for Handwriting Without Tears, a curriculum that I plan on teaching Emma this Fall for preschool. More on that later. But I am really happy I went, Seattle traffic aside.

I was happy to take the picture of one of my parent's co-workers and family. Have camera, will travel, should be my tag-line for my business.

These children are so beautiful. I would like to think I am just brilliant, but I had to double check the captured picture 14 times to realize I actually got all three smiling perfectly. This never happens! I can't wait to get the pictures edited.

Four days away from my husband is enough and we made the trip back to the hottest weather on record forecasted for this week. Why did I leave the pool-side again? We had a great time, but it is good to be home. We made it home in time to hear news of our newest nephew, Jamin Ezra (pronounced Jay-min), born to Jeff's brother and wife on Saturday. Jamin is having trouble breathing and is not doing as well as we would hope. There is nothing like the anxiety for a tiny one who is sick. I'll continue to put updates on FB as I hear them. 

Right before I left, I finished the girls' room and I will post pictures as soon as we clean it up again. They can't seem to remember that we live in a Pottery Barn catalog and messes are not allowed.


Kellie said...

Sounds like you had a good visit with your parents! I can tell you're going to have two very eager helpers when your little guy arrives. My biggest issue was blankets, Grace always wanted to completely cover her dolls (and poor Ethan) with a blanket so we repeatedly practiced covering everything but the baby's head. Somehow Ethan managed to not become suffocated, so it must have worked.

That slip n slide looks way fun and Emma definitely looks like she enjoyed it!

Grandma Sherri said...

Love the pics of Emma on the water slide What fun she had!, That's a fabulous quote too! Welches picture turned out great!

Lindsay said...

Emma's face is a classic on that slide! I love it!

In some ways it's nice to have kids who aren't afraid to try things, (instead of the ones that cling to your leg for dear life anytime something new comes along :). I really think it is a blessing as they grow. And it always makes for an adventure!

Cathy said...

Wow...I can't believe Emma loved that water slide....I'm still afraid of the things! :-)....and how great to have your girls ready to have their baby brother come out of that little hole and eager to help! :-) hee hee...too funny.

Sara said...

It was so much fun to see you guys and to get to swim in the pool. It was so cute how into Ben Mandy was. I wish Abby wanted to hold him! She only has 3 or 4 times and that was only at our suggestion and it only lasted a few seconds! =)

Thanks for taking a picture of Abby and me so that we'll remember Abby's first big pool experience always...I did zero right in on the lady though - what in the world?!? Ha, ha!

The water slide looks so fun. I love that it goes right into the lake! Good for Emma for being brave - as a kid it always took me hours to talk myself into trying new and "scary" things, but then usually loved it and couldn't wait to do it again!