Thursday, July 09, 2009


Whew! I've been really busy lately with important things like sitting down for a minute only to wake up 2 hours later in the same spot. This baby is demanding, but obviously growing healthy and strong.

We celebrated the 4th by going to the local parade. It is a huge deal around these parts. The parade lasted over an hour in the hot sun and I stood in the shade for most of it.

There is something about a hometown parade that makes me smile. From fire trucks to horses, goats to "funny" cars and of course the Shriners, candy is prevalent and people are lined up with smiles all around.

We came home with an absurd amount of candy. Both girls were really in to collecting it this year.

The weather cooled off since the 4th and I've been trying to walk every day in the mornings. One morning I let the girls wear swim suits under their clothes and let them go swimming in the river.
This is the girls before we left the house... yes, I was seen in public with them. That is a swim suit bottom on Mandy's head and she road in the stroller all the way to the river (1 mile) with it on her head.

There is never a shortage of weirdness going on around here...
All dolled up and ready for church. They are really at fun ages. They both love to run around the yard playing all the live long day. Mandy's finger is healing nicely and finally scabbed over after 2 weeks! The nail will probably grow back, although the nail bed looks rather nasty at present. There go her aspirations as a hand model. She still complains about her "owe" to anyone who will listen.

We've also played with the cousins a bit.
The dreaded "bed rest" words were handed out to Kelly last week. To some it might seems like a vacation, but not when you have 3 children who have no idea what to do with a mom required to rest. And when you are only 33 weeks and in pain! The boys came over one morning and we had a really fun time. I only sat them infront of the TV for part of it. The rest was spent outside running and playing and riding in the Gator and eating pretzels like they were going out of style.

I've also been busy photographing different folks. Last week I did 2 sessions in Dallas, one with 2 little children, ages 4 and 6, and then another with a 2 year old that ran me rather ragged.  I was up and down, up and down, and have now thought about limiting my sessions in then next few months as my energy wains. I love doing photography, but I am no good passed out panting in the middle of the park. 

I also took my brother-in-law, Jesse's photos for his 2010 senior year. Thankfully no running was required.

Last year I was able to take quite a few senior pictures for girls in the area, but no guys. Jesse willingly stepped in as my first senior guy for pictures. He did great and was much less fussy with wardrobe changes and hair than the girls! I will spare the "I remember when he was 10 years old" stories and just say he is such a nice guy and handsome too!

You can check out all the pictures on my photography blog by clicking here.


Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

With all this busyness, you don't have time to miss Jeff during the day! Glad to see the sunshine and blue sky in your area:-)

Kellie said...

We really enjoyed the parade this year as well, it's such a fun small town parade! Grace tossed out candy to the crowds during the Kids Parade and we came home with as much as we brought. Candy galore!

Lindsay said...

We missed the parade this year....and those pictures make me wish we had gone, even more. Such a fun one.

Jesse's pictures turned out awesome. He and Jayne look a lot alike to me for some reason. Good job!

Sara said...

Is this the ole Crazy Daze Parade? I've got some fun memories of that when I was a kid! You can bet that Jayne, John and I were some of the best candy-gatherers out there! =)

I love the swimsuit on Mandy's head - hilarious!

Kelly said...

Thank you for running the boys that morning, Jake was really sad on his birthday when he didn't get a John Deere car like Emma, trying to explain to a newly 3 year old why he doesn't get everything he wants is always interesting; I wonder if God see us that-a-way... Needless to say, they truly love visiting your paradise!

Grandma Sherri said...

Such cute pictures! all the little ones on the sofa is darling, but I know kid nature well enough to know that that didn't last long! Love mandy's hat! I'm sure she thought it was very fashionable!

Linds and Manda said...

Looks like a fun parade. I love the picture with all the balloons...very colourful and patriotic.

All four of us where just in the Nipawin Fair parade on Monday. This is the first year that NBC entered a float and it was a lot of fun. Lindsay and Liam joined the 1/2 dozen people on the float. Linds was dressed up like a hockey player and Liam was a soccer player. I made Libby a little NBC t-shirt and had "class of 2031" on it and I just wore a NBC shirt. Several times I looked down and realized that I was walking scarily close to horse poop. I'm sure I looked rather silly trying to dodge such loveliness with the stroller. I guess I am still a city girl at heart. I did have cow manure added to be garden this spring so that must be something. I think I may have just canceled those points out though because I just checked the spelling of manure...yep...still a city girl. :)