Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Girls' Room Complete

This room had a lot to work with. It had white-washed paneling on one wall, green painted wood floors, a cozy window seat, attic ceilings, lots of light, and lots of space.

I had left over paint from Emma's blue room and again, I do projects as cheaply as possible. I used the paint and did just the end wall with the windows.

I looked high and low for headboards that matched each other for the girls' beds. Matching means cost times 2, so everything I found in the stores or online was way too expensive. I imagined white sleigh beds, white iron scrolled headboards, or even canopy beds. I searched relentlessly on Craig's List and realized that little girl's matching beds are not common, not at all. I stumbled onto a post for a headboard/foot board and inquired to the seller if they could be used as matching headboards, because it looked like it in the picture. The combo is actually from a bunk bed and the 2 pieces are identical. Perfect and only $20.

Headboards in need of paint.

I was inspired by the Robin's Egg blue that I already had and wanted to add pink to it for the general color scheme in the room; the combo is very "in" these days. Just look at Serena and Lily. In my mind, I wanted to create shabby chic/european eclectic. That combo probably doesn't exist, but I made it happen.

This is a look that inspired me from Serena and Lily.

Twin sheet set: $99
Duvet cover $229

Times 2... I can't count that high.

Serena and Lily

To create the look for a lot less, I began my search online. I found this sheet set on for $4.99 for a twin.

I was skeptical because it was SO cheap, but the reviews stated, "Better than I expected for the price." I expected the quality of a burlap sack, but the print was perfect in the picture. So, I ordered 2 twin sets and 1 queen ($7.99). The quality is actually very good, although some of the panels are stitched a little crooked. I used the sheets on the girls' beds, for the window shades, a pillow for the window seat, curtains for the closet, and a duvet cover for a throw blanket. Total, $17.97 for sheets and "fabric."

And here is a room tour...

The quilts on the beds were made by my mom when she was an industrious young mother. My sister and I had matching quilts and used them on our beds growing up. I found mine while cleaning a few months back and begged my sister (mother of 2 boys) to let me have hers. I had to convince her that the room's entire look would be ruined if she didn't give me her quilt. And that I would go into the poor house buying the Serena and Lily duvet covers, times 2. Thanks, Sis. I couldn't have done it without you!

We got another mattress and box-spring for Mandy's bed and were hunting for a frame for it. We had one for Emma's bed, but soon realized it scooted around the room at the slightest "encouragement." We ended up putting both box-springs right on the floor -- please don't tell Martha Stewart or Pottery Barn. I had 2 matching fitted pink sheets from Ikea, a Christmas gift accident for Emma's bed that worked out perfectly. Who is to say they are not upholstered platform beds? I don't have to worry about what toys are lost in a pile of dust bunnies either.

You can check out the window shade demo by clicking here. Through this hot weather, the fabric has bubbled slightly. It is still adhered strongly and isn't noticeable from a distance. 

The kitchen area has proved to be a huge hit. I am amazed and how much the girls play in their room now.  The little door leads to a small, finished closet in the attic. I know... too fun.

The window seat perch is my haven when I am upstairs with the girls. I sit there often while they are resting because they need my omni-presence to settle down most of the time (they went from separate rooms to sharing and it hasn't been an easy transition). And I don't mind one bit. The new windows Jeff put in give this window a beautiful view of the hillside and the swaying trees in the summer breeze.

My mom and I are in debate about where this "Goodnight" blanket came from. Regardless, I love it! It appeared somewhere during my childhood and I found it with some old baby blankets and doll clothes -- I can tell I sewed the doll clothes because they are unfinished. Some habits die hard. The quilt wrack is from Ikea, $2.99. It is used for hanging kitchen accessories and works great for this purpose as well.

Note, you can just see the edge of the closet in this picture. It is bumped out from the wall and is big enough for both of the dressers. Very nice. The door to the hallway and the half-bathroom are also on the wall.

And there you have it! I was happy to complete the room for less than $50 by using things I already had, finding bargains, and refurbishing a few used things. Now on to the jungle for a cute little boy's room.



Cathy said...

You did it again! Very cute...and very cheap! Way to go!

Olivia said...

I love it! You are so creative. :)

Anonymous said...

It's darling. I love girly things. :)

Jenni said...

Al, the room is beautiful! It belongs in a magazine! xoxo

Kelleigh said...

SO beautiful!! I am so excited for you!!

Grandma Sherri said...

It came out soo cute! So many clever ideas and I'm glad you've learned to finish your projects.
Those quilts were about the biggest project I ever did, I never was thrilled with the sheets i found for the back, if only we had been able to go online to hunt for bargains way back when! I think i paid $3+ for them 20 + years ago, so that makes your sheet bargain even more impressive.

Kelly said...

I LOVE the feminine (sp?) blue color! It goes good with the pink but it's not pinky princess puke; sorry, you know how I am =) Did you paint the floor too? You may have said that, it just goes soooo well with everything! You are so gifted! Lovin' the budget! You need your own show, "Design with HALF a dime" =) I cannot wait to see it in person, if my boys have been there, I am sure they have throughly enjoyed it! Especailly the little "hide out."

Kellie said...

Super cute! My kids have shared a room since Ethan was 4 months old. It works great except for now Ethan can't fall asleep unless his sister is in the room with him at night. He's fine for his afternoon nap though. Wonder why that is.

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful room! I love the look, the colors, all the little details, and the play area is so nice. You did an amazing job.

Linds and Manda said...

Looking at these pictures makes me want to be a 5 year old again. You did an amazing job. I'm not going to show Libby though. I'm afraid her first bout of envy would ensue. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great Alysun!!! I love what you put together. Jenni B

Rebecca said...

LOVE their room! A little jealous over your twin headboards though! :) I've been looking for something similar for my daughter but haven't had any luck. I'm thinking about making a headboard now. :) Love your aqua color on the walls! I did aqua on my daughter's first room but I mixed THREE colors together to get the right shade. So I had to start from scratch again and I just painted her new room is an aqua that my friend recommended...I'm afraid it's way too bright but I'm going to give it some time?? I just like softer aquas. Sorry this is a long comment! :)