Sunday, September 13, 2009

The birthday party girl...

We had Mandy's 2nd birthday party with our families. "Time flies" might be cliche, but it is too true. The years have flown by with this little bundle of joy.

Since Mandy is still young enough that she wasn't demanding a theme party, I was happy to choose one for her. She likes trains, so I decided to go with that after seeing a fun cake making demo on Betty Crocker. com. It looked so easy....

It was time consuming and I was glad to have my mom handy to keep the girls occupied. Emma helped me frost a few of the train cars. Every birthday that comes along I say I am NOT doing some fancy cake again -- it is so frustrating and did I mention time comsuming?! We'll see. Emma has her sights on a huge three tiered, princess castle cake also on Betty Crocker. 

The girls are blessed with many cousins their age. Here is a rare picture of my nephews (minus Jamin who was being held away from the mayhem) and one niece with Emma and Mandy:

Nathaniel, Josiah, Priscilla, Noah, Micah, Ben, Josh, and Jake. All these little ones have been born since September 2004. What did we do at family gatherings before this? We must have sat around and picked our teeth and complained about how much time we had.

It was a bit cold to have a party outside today, but the kids didn't notice. Imagining all these sweet little children eating sweet things IN my house, well, it just sounded frightening to me. It was lots of fun and of course Mandy was showered with beautiful things. She went to bed in new pjs and has 2 new baby dolls, plus lots of other fun things including a Dora backpack, My Little Pony, train set, and new clothes.


Lindsay said...

awww...looks like fun! Your cake turned out great! I made one like that for Will's (3rd I think) but it wasn't nearly as long. They are time consuming, but so special, too.

I love all the cousins. Our kids have 6 on each side, but recently we've been noticing how things seem to be settling down....Craig actually made the comment last week at a bday party how much calmer and more enjoyable bdays are now that the kids are getting older. Something to look forward to!

Lesley Miller said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! Alysun, the cake is AMAZING. I need to come spend a week with you and learn some of your mad skills. Not sure I could learn everything in a week, but, at least how to make jam and train cakes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mandy had a great birthday! I can't believe you found the time to make that awesome cake! I love all of the different expressions on the kids faces...too cute. :)

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Yes, I'd put the kiddos outside, too. With all their energy, they probably didn't notice the cool temps. Sounds like Mandy raked in some great gifts:-)