Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post-pregnancy fashion

We are going to Mexico for my cousin's wedding in late November. I am super excited since our vacations usually have "road trip" or "third world country/mission trip" in the description. Jeff and I and a baby, presumably, will be at a swanky resort and I am quite certain that nothing I have in my present wardrobe will be appropriate. With this in mind, I set about to do some summer clothes shopping for the trip and encountered these obstacles:
  • I AM 9 MONTHS PREGNANT and have no idea what size I will be in 3 months
  • I AM 9 MONTHS PREGNANT and can't try anything on that isn't the size of a tent
  • I will be about 6 weeks post-partum and will be breast feeding a newborn
  • I don't want things in my wardrobe that I know I will never wear outside of Mexico since there are other ways I would like to spend my clothing budget
The summer clearance sales are underway and I found some good deals with all things considered. Here is what I found:

This dress is from TJ Maxx and was $7. A good bargain makes my day and I found some fantastic ones at that store. It was originally over $50. It is pretty stretchy, has a built in bra, and is still fancy enough to work for the rehearsal dinner or other wedding events where the dress code is "beach chic." The necklace is from Target. I love that place. and had some good deals as well and I shopped from the convenience of home and imagined myself skinny -- or I should say, skinnier. This skirt is also stretchy and will travel well. I got the sandals to hopefully go with most of my outfits. My world now consists of hiking style Chacos and chipped toe-nail polish. A total transformation will need to happen in the next few months.

This shirt and the next one are to wear with the white skirt. I'm not too sure how nursing will work here, but it was only $5. How could I argue with $5?

I love clearance sales. Really I do! This shirt was from as well and was $9.99. I can actually see wearing this next summer, so the "splurge" is okay.

This is my favorite dress and I couldn't leave it at the store even though it was SO over budget. Can you believe $14.99? I am such a cheap-skate. I think I can make this work for the winter with a brown sweater or jacket, right?

I also bought another $7 dress, a $5 pair of white capris (that is as much as I am willing to pay for white pants of any kind), a rather vibrant pink top for $3.97, and new swim suit that should hide the post-pregnancy jiggles -- I have come to the point in my life where a skirt on a swim suit is good idea. Over-all I am pretty happy with my expandable/breast feeding friendly clothing selection for the trip. I hope that it will work if I lose 7 pounds or 20 pounds or none at all since I will be throwing desserts in my mouth as fast as possible including brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough, pie of any kind, and Blizzards of any flavor.

Jeff's fabulous vacation wardrobe is easy: Dockers and polo shirts, shorts and t-shirts, and a new pair of flip-flops.

The deals on baby clothes in size 0-3 months at this time of year are amazing. For the baby, I got a few cute short sets and a little white sun hat. I think he needs to be "beach chic" too, so we are all set. Except for the baby not actually being born yet and having no birth certificate or passport for the little one. But who is worried?



Kellie said...

That's a tough scenario to shop for, but at least there's a ton of summer clothes on bargain clearance racks right now! Cute stuff!

Shawna said...

Your favorite dress was mine too! You will look fabulous. It was so fun to read the part about "not sure how the breastfeeding will work" with the one top because that was just what I was imagining too! You will make it work. I had to laugh out loud at the "throwing desserts in my mouth fast" part and Blizzards of any flavor. Now I know the REAL reason you are in a hurry for him to arrive...Glad to read the humor is back, even if short lived. I know how uncomfortable you are and lets just hope that he comes on time as I know that each day that passes AFTER the special date, seems like a lifetime. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Super cute finds! You will have a fabulous trip and look great too!

Kevin, Jennifer, Hana & Alaina Norman said...

I have been reading your blog because it was linked to Hillary's and I love it! Though you make me feel a little embarassed because you are way more creative and resourceful than I might ever be:) And having worked in 'fashion' for a couple of years, I have to tell you that these pieces you have found are super stylish, versatile, flattering and so cute! Have a great trip...and L&D too :)

Janelle Rispler said...

Cute, cute, cute...I think you did an amazing job considering the circumstances. I find shopping at full-term pregnancy the worst! Although you are definitely ready for new clothes by that time.
Hope you're finding lots of things to occupy your time these days. Looking forward to hearing your news.

We got our new computer. So now I have no excuses...I'm even on Facebook. Can you believe it?

Andee said...

Nice work! But really, as long as that baby looks cute, no one will be paying attention to you anyway :) My fave is still dress #1. Love it.

Katie and Mikey Brown said...

Excited to see you and your new baby! It has been a long time!

Tawny said...

What a fabulous collection! I particularly love the sandals and the two tops you found. I sincerely hope the weather is warm for you!!!

And I agree with Andee... no one will be looking at you because you will have little Ian? in your arms :)

Teresa said...


Heidi, my mom and I found really cute long dresses at Kohls's. I think they were $12. we are excited...can't wait

Grandma Sherri said...

I think I will be holding the baby during the rehearsal dinner as I still have found nothing suitable in my price range, now that you're done with yours why not shop for me, Andrea found my dress for the wedding... you should help too right?

Grandma Sherri said...

Oh and all your stuff is super cute, you were very blessed to find so many adaptable bargains!

Andee said...

Yeah, Mom. Alysun doesn't have much else to do besides shopping for you :)

Anonymous said...

So, you did decide to go after all! How exciting! I hope you have a great time! Can't wait to see pictures! How about buying 3 1/2 yards of lightweight fabric at Wal-Mart and learning all the various ways to tie a sarong...You'd look light, breezy, mexico prepared and all on a budget! ~ Kelsey

Choco Girl said...

Cute clothes! You'll be styling! Very nice!