Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday at the beach

Spending a beautiful Fall day at the beach is my ideal way to relax. Yes, to playing in the sand. Yes, to eating at Mo's. Yes, to napping with the baby.



Shawna said...

We LOVED the last photo the best. You always have a way of ending your posts with a smile. I clicked on it to make it bigger to show Rick and Mad walked by and yelled "OH HOW CUTE! What happened?" We all laughed.

We recently went to the beach for the first time, it was cold and windy but Mad didn't care, she had a great time. We can't wait till it warms up so we can have some sun to go along with it and play in the semi dry sand.

Sara said...

Sounds like you all had a fabulous time! You lucked out on some nice weather for November too! I wish my husband loved to take us to the beach, but unfortunately the beach is just too close to work for him to be able to think of it as a getaway. =(

Cathy said...

Lucky you!