Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am in love with two men

... on the next Maury Show.

I fell in love with the first man nearly a decade ago. He still makes my heart go a-flutter. I love him 45,000 times more than I thought possible. He is the father of my precious children. He is everything I hoped for, dreamed of, and more. Sexy, smart, a good kisser. What more could a girl want?

Two timing a great guy like that seems impossible. But then came the second man.


Second man? "Man" might be stretching it a bit much. Little man. Small baby. Whatever. I love him to pieces too. Just look at those hunka-hunka-burning love legs.

*First man declined the photo request of his less chunky legs. This is a family show. He has his limits*


I've never seen a cankle look more beautiful.

* Cankle is derived smooshing the calf and ankle together. Hence, ca-nkle. It isn't always so attractive. Like when I was sporting them at 9 and a half months pregnant.*


There is no cure. I am hopelessly in love.


Shawna said...

And so are WE!

Anonymous said...

I can see why! So cute!

Heather said...

If my legs look like that then why doesn't anyone oohh and awww over my chubs?

Grace said...

Sounds like a pretty great place to be if you ask me! I laughed as soon as I read "cankle". I knew exactly what you menat!

Sherri said...

Oh how I miss those darling kissable cheeks- looking forward tosharing the love with all the little people.

Dan & Hillary said...

It won't be long before he'll be saying, "Aw, Mom... enough pictures already! It's embarassing!" Love these pix.

joyq said...

How could I have missed the cankels! You and I know how to make em: round. I love fat babies and sweet husbands. Great combo around the house:)

Coleson's Blog said...

great post!
one of my "men" also has some cankles going on...too yummy! :)

Cathy said...

Chunky little babies are the best! Just look at all those rolls!