Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I can't see him. Where did he go?

There were a few things I was certain I should never laugh at when I grew up and became sophisticated. The plan was to be completely mature and cool after I returned from Europe by the age of 21. The years have come and gone since then and only part of my plan came true; I went to Europe by the time I was 21. I stood in awe at the site of the Sistine Chapel and climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I might be a touch more cultured after my return, but I am still not mature or cool and I still laugh at uncultured things.

First of all, I thought I should not laugh at my dad's corny jokes. Like when talking about someone who is hearing impaired and my dad would pretend he didn't hear by saying, "What? Huh?" Of course I fell for it every time and repeated the thought again.... and again. Is that really funny? Yes. Actually it still is.

A grown-up, sophisticated person should also NOT laugh at anything having to do with farting. In my mind, being mature and cool meant farting would cease.... or at least cease being funny. Oh, how far I've fallen. Just the other day I busted up laughing when Mandy tooted in the bath and then giggled as she said, "My fart tickled me!"

And Camo. It should not be funny when someone is wearing camouflaged clothes to say, "Wow, I can't see him." Or "We'll never find him now," as the person runs around in camo clothes. When I grow up, I am seriously not going to laugh at that.


I wanted to take a picture of Rem in the outfit a friend gave him. I put him on the green blanket and started taking pictures. Jeff came in the room and said, "Where's the baby? I thought you were going to take his picture." Haha. Why am I laughing?




Anonymous said...

Remi looks so cute! I would have totally cracked up at Mandy's comment. Too funny. :) Maybe she could have made a cameo on Dave and Jeff's tape...

Sara said...

Alysun, you fit in so well with the Peters family. ;o)

Deb, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you have a few cameos on that tape too?

And on the subject of farting...I've never thought farting was funny until I had Abby. Adult and big kid farting = stinky and yucky in my book. But baby and toddler tooting...well, it suddenly became okay and, yes, funny. It is the funniest (and dare I say cutest too?) thing to hear a fart and then hear Abby say, "I tooted!" right aloud in church.

Laura said...

Yes, even for me the camo jokes are funny. Glad we could get so much enjoyment out of this outfit. Hooah.

Lindsay said...

I would have laughed, too! :)

Sherri said...

Your father thought this post was hilarious- You hadn't posted it yet when I looked- so he had to tell me all about it on the way to Awana last night. Sorry you didn't acquire all the culture and sophistication you were hoping for- but life would be seriously lacking if you could no longer be amused at the simple things.
Super cute picture of Remington (what I can see of him!)

Cathy said...

Ahh, the simples your mom said! Hee hee hee