Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week my friend Amanda is visiting from Saskatchewan with her little daughter, Libby, for 5 days. Yes, this is the friend that our Mandy was named after. Jeff and I had a few other reasons for choosing the name, but this dear friend was #1 on the list.

Thankfully Amanda can't change her plans after seeing this picture I am posting of us. We went to visit them last year in November and Amanda had her baby a few days after we left. * Every women loves pictures of themselves 9 and a half months pregnant.*

We have some fun things planned, but we are dealing with her 1 year old, my 3 children, and my husband who is working super long hours lately hauling wheat to Portland. It's a long way from endless hours of chatting when we were college roommates.  There is always nap time! If we can manage to stay awake too, we will squeeze in good conversation between all the normal mommy life.


I'll post more after the weekend. Take care,



Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time together!~ Kelsey

Cathy said...

Old friends are the greatest!

Andee said...

Hope you guys have fun!

praise music said...

There is something so precious about an old friend. Not that you guys are old. Oh man. You get what I mean.

So next week then, lets hang out. I realize this is getting ridiculous. If your over my friendship I understand.

Tawny said...

Authentic Mexican food... in Oregon?? :)