Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sing with me, "These Boots Were Made Like Slippers," and "Please, Do Fence Me In."

Can you believe these boots were only $1 each?

I love end of season sales. My original thought was so give the girls these boot/slippers for Christmas, so I bought them big. But then Mandy got into this phase where she HAS to wear shoes around the house. Since all her shoes are incrusted with mud (how does this happen?), I tried to think of another option. I remembered the slippers and viola!

Who knew something so simple could make 2 little girls so happy. Ask them how they feel when they don't get any Christmas presents, but at least they'll have the memories. Just joking. Maybe.

For those of you wondering if Emma is wearing stilts. No, she's just growing like a weed, 3 inches since Christmas.

And no, I don't let Emma wear this skirt out in public without leggings. Wowsa, it looks short in this picture.

In other news.... do you know what makes me incredibly happy?

These guys.

And this fence that looks so fantastic. More on that later.



joyq said...

I love everything about that fence. I can't wait to see it in person!!!! Quick- look out your front window and wave! Just kidding... but seriously could you ask jeff to take one giant step to the left? Ah much better view of the kitchen...

Sara said...

It's funny how you seem to know exactly what I will think when I look at your pictures! For instance, "Wow, that skirt is short! Actually, on second thought, the skirt might not be too short, Emma might be too tall for it - boy, she has LONG legs! Hmm, I wonder if Alysun lets Emma wear this skirt in public or this is just an at-home outfit?" And then I read your comment below and my question was answered. And then again, "What a nice-looking yard. Oooo, it's the white picket fence Alysun had us vote on! I love it! I wonder why she hasn't mentioned that it's up yet..." then I read the next line, "Oh, good, she will be telling us more about it soon." =)

Sherri said...

Too cute- girls and slippers and long,long skinny legs
love the fence and I could covet that beautiful camelia tree
and Remi and his dad- so precious! big sigh!!