Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A tale of two princesses....

Mandy's friend Clara is here today. Two enchanting 2-year-olds. Clara's older sister Heidi and Emma are at Jr. Master Gardener Camp this week. So, the moms got together and worked out a plan and Mandy and Clara are giddy with excitement about getting to play with eachother.

They've played b-eau-ti-fully today. Really perfect.

Everything was going so well that I had these thoughts while I was making lunch:

"Wow, they are really playing nicely."

"I should start a daycare because obviously I have some sk-ee-ls in the child care department."

"Girls are so much quieter than boys." [My nephews that I watch are all very good, but far more boisterous]

And, "Wow, they are really, really quiet."

I heard the girls giggling softly and Mandy saying, "Now you are really a princess Cwara." I went in to the living room to see Mandy just putting the lid back on nail polish.

Nail polish.

First of all, I have no idea how they found the well hidden stash of nail polish. And second, how they opened one. I can't even get the lid off of nail polish.

The mani-pedi's took place on the living room rug and amazingly -- really amazingly -- there were only 4 small dots of nail polish on the rug. Acetone took it right out. Good thing.

The dress-up dresses are also curiously nail polish-free. I feel like I'm living in the twighlight zone.


As a mother and childcare provider extraordinaire I felt compelled to say, "Now girls, you need a mommy's help to paint nails. Next time you need to ask first." They stared at me blankly and went about their business.

Mandy said, "Cwara, your tongue is pink. Did you paint your tongue?"

Clara, "I want to paint my tongue. Let's go."

This story could have had a far more dramatic and heart stopping ending. But it didn't. 

And the two princesses lived happily every after...



Ariel said...

Awwww, so cute :)

Carissa said...

Love it!


Sara said...

I am very impressed with their nail painting skills! Wow! Thank goodness there are no pictures of nail polish on furniture, walls, floors, etc. =)

Dan & Hillary said...

Only a few drops? Impressive! Mandy really likes someone following her, I'm sure;-)

Anonymous said...

Glad it was better than the bag balm. Never going to forget that one... Jenni B

Sherri said...

Truly a miracle!

Linds and Manda said...

Did they go to the Amanda Anderson School of Beauty because, no joke, sometimes when I have attempted to paint my nails as an adult with 20/20 vision they come out look relatively the same, but with more paint on the carpet. :)