Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last week was filled to capacity with good things....



We watched the traditional July 4th parade in our little town. Always fun, especially when our state championship basketball team drove through as "grand marshals."


Jesse was there with his team. He graduated in June and is heading off to Prairie College in Alberta soon. We'll miss him.


Our friends from Cali came on Sunday for a visit. Rem and Camille are just 2 weeks apart. It was great to meet the new baby girl for the first time (remember this photoshoot? I flew to San Fran at 36 weeks pregnant. That's insanity, I tell ya). The kids played in the yard, we tried to convince our friends of the merits of country life while they endured miserable allergies, we walked, ate blueberries, made blueberry jam, and consumed enough calories of delicious food to last till Christmas. Good, good times.


As our friends headed south, me and my kiddos headed north with my sister and her kiddos to visit my parents. Because it's fantastically fun there.  


Because they have a swimming pool there. And a lake. And an all you can eat buffet for every meal. And a grandma and a grandpa who scurry children from activity to activity with smiles on their faces. Bliss.


25 calories of dye-enhanced goodness. Rem will take their word for it. For now.


My cousin Katie is working at Black Lake (where my parents live/work). I was able to do a Senior Portrait Session with Katie in between her lifeguarding duties. Check out the rest of the session here: Alysun Peters Photography

And finally.....


I apologize in advance for this one.




MelinaLawson said...

I certainly missed the parade this year - 4th of July just isn't the same without it. Looks like some fun times!

Shawna said...

What a simply delightful post! Loved it.

Jenny :) said...

Loved your pics. Enjoy your summer! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how pretty our Katie is...& how grown up! Great pictures, Alysun.
LOVE the picture of Tom & his grandson....typical of his sense of humor. I miss your wonderful parents. Glad I'll get to see them in Branson.
Aunt Dianne

Andee said...

Here are the comments from the boys: "Who did that to the baby?!" (Ben) "Look! It's grandpa Remi!" (Nat)
Oh and "I want an otterpop!" Both of them said that.

Sherri said...

The fun just doesn't stop... well here it has without all of you... That last one is priceless- lots of laughs here in the office over that- And Ben and Nat's comments Very funny too!

Jayne said...

love remi's mustache! looks just like his grandpa!

Sara said...

The picture of your cousin Katie is fabulous - and it looks like it was taken at the real beach, not just Black Lake; I never would have guessed! =)

Fun times. The last picture is hilarious. I was wondering if you were up here using the pool at all during some of this hot weather we've been having...I don't want to beg, but if you ever want some more company I know one little girl who would LOVE to go swimming there again. ;o)

Cathy said...

Fun Fun stuff! Remi does take after his grandpa! I think it's the hat. :-)