Friday, July 16, 2010

Multi Surface Duster Scam

I like gadgets as much as the next girl.

I had a coupon and needed to buy a Pledge product. So I grabbed this "Pledge, Multi Surface Duster" off the shelf and I was on my way. The instructions on the box looked easy enough: Unfold handle, Fluff duster, Insert prongs into duster. I was giddy about dusting. And that doesn't happen very often.

I opened the box at home and discovered I had been scammed. I had fluffy white duster things. NO wand thing. In tiny, tiny print on the bottom of the box it says, "refills." Who has time to read these things when their children are blowing up water wings and trying on flip-flops one aisle over?

I felt the same irritation as when I bought into the Swiffer fad only to discover that I had the MAX and Swiffer doesn't make MAX refills. Not to be outsmarted, I now put a damp towel onto the Swiffer and use it anyway.

I am fighting injustice, one cleaning product at a time.

(Craftsman brand BBQ fork)

I don't need no fancy wand.

Eat my dust Pledge.

Ehem. Literally.



Dan & Hillary said...

Thanks for the laugh!! I've been frazzled in Target with the kiddos only to find that I've bought the wrong size, etc or that the package labeling is wrong. Glad you showed them;-) I think you should write a letter and include your pictures and send it to the company. Let's see if they respond!

Kari said...

I totally know how this goes. When you are 45 minutes away from said store...seldom does anything get returned.

Season said...

Haha! Ok, what I want to know is is that a BBQ tool or a weird look screw driver? Cause if Craftsman makes BBQ tools my husband will want them.

Shawna said...

Good use of the BBQ tool! We have the whole set and I don't think Rick has EVER used this fork! Way to improvise.

Sara said...

Wait...that barbecue fork came like that?!? I assumed that was another of Jeff's inventions!

Sherri said...

You are ingenious! I'm totally with Hillary- send the company a letter, the least you'll get is another coupon!
Oh and we loved your last post too, just never got back to comment. And your new format solved my disappearing word problem- Yeah!

Carissa said...

I needed a good laugh! Thanks!

Andee said...

Nice work, genius. I'd bet you money that if you follow your friends' advice, Pledge will supply you with the correct tool. Just like ZipLoc is replacing 4 boxes of gallon sized storage bags for me since I let them know how very much I hate their slider bags. It's worth a try anyway.