Thursday, August 05, 2010

10 months

There are some things I  refuse  to believe:

The "Big Bang Theory" has any relevance

tappered jeans are back in style

my house will ever be showcased in Better Homes and Gardens


Remington is already 10 months old...

The time has literally flown by, maybe because Rem is constantly on the move. Scooting since 5 months, I can barely keep track of the child. He is now crawling at full speed on all fours. He easily pulls himself up to standing and cruises around the furniture. Rem even tried to walk a few days ago. I saw his attempts twice, both times he let go of the furniture and leaned as if to walk.... then he fell over when his feet didn't move. It's coming. I have no doubt.

"Baby proofing" the house has become necessary since Rem is in to everything. Things the girls are no longer interested in, like tipping over the garbage can and playing in the toilet, are now baby brother's favorite activities. Rem also climbs up stairs and falls down them, oh so ungracefully, so out came the baby gates.

People often ask me what differences I see between my boy and my girls when they were babies. I see a lots of things (besides the obvious, ehem).


likes anything that is stick-like and tries to poke things

hits things around and yells more than screams when excited

is interested in blocks (the girls were much older before they cared)

makes motor sounds when he sees anything with wheels

gets very, very excited by farm equipment (the girls couldn't care less)

loves being outside and crawls through the grass like a champ (both girls preferred to stay inside)

is overall more independent and more content

Rem scoots, crawls, and creeps out of the baby stage without a backward glance. He rarely snuggles with me any more, so I treasure those moments more than my very breath. I didn't even mind when he woke up at 5am this morning. All he wanted to do was love with me. Okay. Sure, sweet little man. 

As with each of my children, I can't imagine life without them. Rem is a light in our world and we all marvel at what a gift he is in our lives. 

Everything with wheels is particular popular.

And because I can't stop taking pictures of this sweetheart.....



Sherri said...

Our little Remington is one handsome dude! sure enjoyed playing with all of them yesterday

Kellie said...

He is such a cutie! I can't believe he's 10 months either. Didn't you just have him?!?

Things with wheels are less popular then anything that involves a sport at our house. Sticks have proven to be VERY popular. Too popular.

Stacy said...

I remember the toilet phase...really dreading going through that again! Such a I see a red to his hair?

Season said...

He is soooo cute! And I am with you on the tapered jeans. That is one decade that never should have came back.

Coleson & Tate said...

I love the last photo of Mandy on your photo blog. Beautiful! and I also wish I had found that photo quote first...loooovvvee it! (by andreas) happy 10 months to! I cant believe that either. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!!

Andee said...

You're right about the striped jammies. Irresistible!

Sherri said...

can I push the like button every time I visit this page?

Cathy said...

Such a cutie and you can definitely tell you're in lovewith all your children. Awhhhh.