Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ring Bearer For Hire

Wedding prep is in full swing around here. Grandma Bonnie and Bill's wedding is just around the corner. Rem is not actually going to be a ring bearer. You can tell he's really broken up about it. But he got a matching suit -- my nephews, Ben (5) and Nano (3), and my cousin's son, Luke (3), are the real workers during the ceremony. The girls are flower girls. Emma is wearing a dress that I borrowed from a friend (her niece wore it as a flower girl a few years ago). It is a beautiful brown embroidered taffeta. I am re-making the flower girl dress Emma wore in April for Mandy to wear. I'm adding a fluffy petticoat, a sash and some bows along the bottom, plus shortening the straps. I feel just like the mice in Cinderella.

Stay tuned for pictures. I am the official wedding photographer. Oh, the pressure!



Shawna said...

Looks like he has just tapped his glass getting ready to give the speech of the evening! Hey as I recall this isn't his first experience in a suit, doesn't he have a TUX that he has outgrown by now?! ADORABLE!

Dan & Hillary said...

Camille's drooling over Rem (or maybe her cracker?).

Does he have a booger? Ha. A prince anyway!

Anonymous said...

Rem looks awesome!! We can't wait to see those photos. You do a terrific job under pressure. Trust me, I have the proof to show it. ;)

Take care!