Thursday, March 10, 2011

Basement: in progress

It's here: an updated picture of the basement. New windows, subfloor, carpet, and paint. I'm enamored with all the improvements and can't decide which is my favorite. Natural light, warm floor, soft carpet, or clean, earthy paint color.... all totally awesome. Also awesome is my hardworking husband who works tirelessly to make me happy.

I mixed together 7 partial gallons of paint to come up with this sagy green color. I love how it turned out. I poured over greenish paint chips for a few weeks until my husband encouraged me to just mix my own. I love to paint, it is one home improvement project I can do without my man's expertise. So, I have a lot of paint and most of it is in the natural shades. 

There was one scary point when I had about 3 gallons total mixed and the color was MINT. In a panic, I called my interior decorator grandma and pleaded for help. She recommended mixing in some red and dark brown and I was back to the earthy tones I crave. She also suggested working with a small amount in a cup and keeping track of the ratios I added so I didn't end up with a 5 gallon "oops." Brilliant woman.

And now I need a little design help. I am purchasing fabric for slip-cover for a couch that I got for nearly free. The whole fabric series is on clearance, so time is a-tickin away.
Premier Prints Paisley Chocolate
Premier Prints Accord Stripe Chocolate/Natural
Premier Prints Elizabeth Chocolate/Natural
Premier Prints Dottie Chocolate/Natural

I also want to do something on the 4 small windows, maybe a roller shade. It's easy to snoop in basement windows, so I would like to be able to cover them when we aren't playing down there.

My first thought is paisley for the couch, stripe for the windows. That's the safe bet, but is boring.

I'm drawn to the playfulness of the polka dot and that groovy geometric print. Leave me a comment with your input! You will save me from asking my husband one more time for his opinion and getting that glazed-over "Please don't ask me about decorating" look.


PS All the fabrics are medium upholstery weight and are the same clearance price.


Stacy said...

I love the paisley for the couch. The polka dot would be fun for the windows...

Ellyn Canfield said...

I have that exact stripe on our headboard that I covered! I know it is more boring...but it really pops and looks great! Good luck!

Dan & Hillary said...

I like the stripe- but accent it with pillow from the other fabrics:-) If in doubt ask, "what would Nate Berkus do?" U do:-)

M. Cazin said...

I like the idea of stripe couch with pillows made from the geometric. Or if you do the stripe for the windows you could maje valances of the polka-dot.

Ash Kahl said...

You are so amazing. I love how creative you are. Thanks for being you and putting people like me to shame.

Melanie said...

That's an incredible transformation! If you had told me that was the same room, I don't know if I would have believed you. Regarding the fabrics, I think I'd go with the polka-dot, given that this room is going to be a playroom. Adds the right atmosphere. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the polka-dot for the couch - a little unexpected and fun. It would then be easy to change your accent colors with pillows, etc if you get tired of the aquas and golds. (I wouldn't choose the stripes for 2 reasons - one, there is too much white which means too much maintenance with kids and two, I don't like sewing slipcovers with stripes because I find them too hard to match.) And either the geometric or the paisley for the windows - maybe cheater roman shades? Looking forward to seeing it all finished!

Aunt N said...

I would take the cushions off, slipcover the "base" of the sofa/couch in the paisley, then do the cushions with the companion paisley print, piping them with the polka dot. Then make some throw pillows of the polka dot, piping them with the stripe and use the stripe for the windows.