Friday, May 20, 2011

"Some scratches." A Craig's List Find.

Furniture for the basement.

I tossed around quite a few ideas for what furniture should complete the basement remodel. Reality (budget) verses my imagination (no budget) is a tough battle at times.

From a daybed with a regular mattress, inflatable couches, bean bag chairs, a $10 from the second-hand store couch that would cost $300 to recover.... I was just stumped. 

I did not want to spend much money, but I wanted the furniture to be comfortable and durable (well there goes the inflatable bean bags), suitable for the younger crowd, but also nice enough for grandma and grandpa to want to sit in too. 

Oh, and I wanted it to look classy. Too much to ask?

Last week I was reading through recent Craiglist postings and came across an ad that sounded too good to be true. 

"Nice leather couch and loveseat in good condition. Some scratches on the corner. Must sell immediately, moving."

By the time I showed the ad to Jeff, I had convinced myself that this is what I wanted. Leather. It's perfect. Durable, comfortable and the best part... CHEAP! The price was really, really good! My amazing husband was excited to check it out.

I don't want to make the all-powerful God sounds small to say that He provided my seating selection. But He did. He is a good, good God.

How else can you explain this awesome deal? Leather. Beautiful. A deal....

And a potential craft project for a craft-a-holic like myself......

Some "minor scratches" turned out to be actually really, really bed tattered corners on two sides of the couch and one on the loveseat. While the seller wasn't creapy, he was pretty delusional saying "Ya, it's not that noticeable." He was a graduating college student, so I cut him some slack.

We ended up buying the set because I sent my husband a "I can fix this, don't worry!" look across the room while we talked with the seller.

Someone probably should have had Fluffy declawed. That's all I'm saying.

The furniture is very comfortable and good quality from what we can tell. It was worth a salvage attempt!

I went to Jo Ann's and found some closely matching faux-leather-esque material for $7.

This strange fabric took well to hotglue [my hero] on the edges I turned under and Tacky glue for the larger fields.

I pried out the nail-heads and covered the whole thing in glue to the natural seam in the side of the couch. 

Hotglue held the edges down while the Tacky dried.  

This much fun shouldn't be legal.

The vengeance of Fluffy
After my leather-esque makeover

I'm really happy with the results.



Jill said...

BeaUtiful! Never underestimate the power and hunger of a woman with a hot glue gun and a super good deal. I got giddy reading to see what you did to fix it!!

Stacy said...

That is AWESOME! I was just wondering about your basement make-over...glad to see you can now sit in that lovely space!

Coleson & Tate said...

You're down right incredible. and what a deal (and yes, Fluffy needed some removal of the claws!!!)

Sherri said...

Your powers of seeing potential,and the imagination to bring it out are amazing!

Dan & Hillary said...

Wow- great job! Glad you have a truck for these finds! Your Dad will love chillin' down there:-)

Season said...

You amaze me! I bet your husband is pretty impressed too!

Lindsay said...

That's amazing, it looks great! I get so excited over a great find as well, and I really do believe it is one of God's little ways of blessing us. Awesome!

Melanie said...

That's incredible! The scratches were perfectly placed - absolutely none on the front. Nice repair job!

Anonymous said...

You've got a talent there!! Well done!