Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Beaver and Dora (i.e. Cletus)

If I had a dollar for every post I did about "new cats," I would be a semi-rich woman.

We go through cats! I tell ya, it's just not a safe environment around here. 

Max was run over by a passing police car.

Buddy was abducted by the neighbors 
(they fed him gourmet cat food, pet him 14 hours a day, and never tried to carry him by his neck --
it was no mystery why he left our family. He lives happily retired with them to this day).

Lucy was killed by an angry skunk.

Scratchy road to town in Jeff's pick-up and hasn't been seen again, 
although the girls still scour the Bi-Mart parking lot every time we are there.

So we got some new kittens.....

We got two Calico kittens from friends and they are just as cute as can be (the friends and the cats). 

I can't honestly tell the kittens apart, but the girls can.

Emma named her kitten Beaver because it is orange and black.

Mandy named hers Dora.... she decided she likes to name the cat, so it goes through an identity crisis every few days. The latest name is "Cletus." I have no idea where she got that name. I'm hoping this phase passes quickly because all I can think of is this song and it gets stuck in my head for hours at a time:

Back to the cats...

Does that look like a Cletus to you?

No, Dora. Definitely. 

The kids carry the cats around constantly and it has pacified Emma's constant pestering about wanting a d.o.g.

I am personally not an animal lover. Don't hate me. 

But cats have some winning attributes.

They catch mice.

They bury their poo (in a private place for outdoor cats).

They don't bark.

... And they catch mice.



Jill said...

This sounds like our house! We have been in our place 9 years and we just burried #11 cat the other day :( Thankfully #'s 8,9 & 10 are still thriving...! But, we have to have them for the mice!! I cringe everytime the kids name them. Good luck!

Sara said...

And they are self-grooming.
And they don't dig holes in the yard.
And they can be left home for days (no kenneling or pet-sitters necessary!).
And I've never heard of a young child being killed or seriously injured by a cat, but can't say the same about dogs of many sizes and breeds.

Can you tell I like cats more than dogs? :) But, sheesh, you guys take the indoor/outdoor cat stats (outdoors average a 7-year lifespan and indoor cats average a 14-year lifespan) to a whole new level! I'm on only my second cat in my LIFE: 13 years for the first one and going on 9 years for the second. Something tells me your cats are never going to come close to that... ;)

Sara said...

Oh, and I was going to say that Cletus song is absolutely hilarious (Stephen showed it to me awhile back)! It gets stuck in my head too! I'm with you: Dora is a much better name choice. :)