Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bitten By Busyness

As an avid blog reader, I don't usually appreciate the "I've been too busy to blog" posts on other people's blogs.

Why have a blog if you are too busy to update it?

That's what I think. Judgmental soul that I am.

And here I am, too busy to blog. 
Passing judgement usually has a way of coming around and biting me in the butt. 

I'll watch that next time.

Summer's goodness is throwing a lot at us.

We've been busy pulling socks up to knees and fastening shoes on the wrong feet.

And finally getting to a pool to try a new toy.

Oh, how this inflatable mammal has taunted us from the garage shelf since it was given to Mandy as a birthday gift in September.

Being cute and crazy.

Going swimming when all the grown-ups say "it is too cold."

Falling off inflatable mammals and waiting until later to learn how to swim.

And being rescued by Grandma.

Warming up.

And soaking up the sun.

Hope you are having a blessed summer,



Grace said...

Good to see Mandy's shoes back where they belong and the picture of "Super Grandma" is priceless. I love updates of all shapes and sizes!

Sara said...

Abby is looking over my shoulder as we are eating lunch and said, "I want to go on that whale that is not alive!" Good to know you've been irritated by my "too busy to blog" posts that I've done in the past. ;)

Tawny said...

You judge me. But really, at what point do I delete the blog? It's hard to let it go :(

Linds and Manda said...

Great pics. I love the one of your mom. Her smile is priceless. Our kids were at the lake this past weekend and were looking longingly at all the other kid's inflatable toys. Maybe there is a inflatable mammal in our future. :)

Cat Ray said...

My kids absolutely love inflatable toys . They also have that whale! They love to call him Willy because it reminds them of the movie Free Willy.