Saturday, July 23, 2011

Treasures in the Bathroom

Please, let me show you my dream bathroom...

Luxurious Contemporary Spa Bathroom Ideas

Truth be told, I googled "spa-like bathrooms" and came up with this.

If this was in my house, it would take up half of the main floor's square footage. 
Even though it looks like you could eat off the floor of this bathroom, 
it might be a touch awkward when guest came over for a meal.

"Welcome to our home! [said with Martha enthusiasm] 
We juts remodeled and added a 700 square foot spa bathroom. 
The living room, dining room, and kitchen had to go... but isn't it beautiful?"

I'm temped, but will keep our modest accommodations (all 28 square feet of them) in the washroom.

Especially when my house's bathroom is perfectly adequate. 




What more could a girl want?

There is a lot of danger in letting my mind dream of "what if...?" in the terms of remodeling my adequate, functional, quaint farmhouse into a chic spa.

Because reality is.... 

I live in a farmhouse.

With a farmer.

And three farm kids.

Today I found a plastic bug in the tub and I thought it was real.

[Thank you Jr. Master Gardener Camp for providing my daughter with such a "fun" toy]

I also saw turkey lunch meat on top of the toilet lid and I screamed.

*I'm not sure what my brain went to first as it tried to process the site... a pile of fleshy skin maybe?!! 

That isn't realistic at all. 

Lunch meat makes a whole lot more sense.

And then there are the dirty hand prints. Dirty foot prints.

We LIVE in this space. I clean it, get freaked out by what I find and move on.

And what more could you want out of a bathroom?



Dan & Hillary said...

Ah, you don't have a lovely gold formica countertop in your bathroom like I do... poor you;-) On the bright side, you don't have to clean 700sq ft- only 28sq ft. But then, I suppose you could hire someone to do that for you:-)

Anonymous said...

I like your bathroom. It is very nice and it WORKS. Your kids are adding spice to your life - how fun!
Jenni B

Andee said...

Lunch meat? Your life is so thrilling!

Sarah D. said...

did Janelle ever tell you about the time Mark put a fake mouse tail in a trap and Mom thought it was real and wigged out? or they time they put a fake bee in my top bunkbed and dad thought it was real after me screaming my head off?