Monday, November 14, 2011

Runny Peach Pie and Family Photos

Photography is an art that I will continue learning the rest of my life.

When I look back at how much I've already learned, I am amazed and a bit humbled (man, I used to take some super awful photos and thought they were good).

I pretty much know at this point when my camera has captured a great image. Some time in the split second between pushing the shutter and registering my subject is cooperating, I just know that I know that I know. This is it, the "money shot." I trust my equipment, that I have my settings correct, and that I was quick enough to catch the fleeting nice look of one or more of my subjects.

It's a peaceful and fun place to be.

But, and there is always a "but",

I also know when I have not managed to get ANY "money shots." No okay shots. No "so-so" shots. No "that will work" shots. 

It's rare and happens only with my own family. 

It is as though my charms have worn off. Strangers, I have no problem -- they think I'm charming and they smile for me every time. I don't have trouble working my magic. 

Family, well, they are trouble.

My sister really wanted a family picture and we went outside to get one "real quick."

It was windy and really, really cold.

My younger nephew, Nathaniel, was in no mood to cooperate.

Had we more time, less wind, less freezing temperatures, more warm temperatures, maybe time for a quiet nap, a nutritious meal, then things could have turned out differently.

But they didn't.

When Andrea asked, "Did you get any?" she didn't mean, did the camera perform adequately. 

She was asking, "Did you manage a miracle?"

No miracles were available on set that day. 

We gave up after about 10 minutes and decided the torture was over.

At home I looked for a miracle of the Photoshop kind.

I don't actually like photoshop. People (especially my family who is forever asking me to remove wrinkles, change hairstyles, clothes ect.) think I love the technical marvel. But really I would much rather take a perfect picture in camera that requires no editing. Call me lazy! Good color, sharpness, and perfect expressions are possible in camera. 

Why waste time later staring at a computer screen trying to mesh the imperfect into close-to-perfect as we can get?

Because I love my sister. Because I know she doesn't want to make another attempt at family pictures. Because there really were parts of several pictures that worked. Because I love my sister.

Did I say that already?

I worked some photoshop magic.....

Family life is a bit like a runny peach pie 

- not perfect but who's complaining? 

 ~Robert Brault



April said...

That's great! Cannot even tell! What a great picture!

Sherri said...

You are truly amazing!!! Hoping for a similar miracle with the whole clan photo:) Thanks for trying anyway... Mom

Anonymous said...

Super-Duper impressive!!