Monday, March 05, 2012

Kitchen Update (week 4)

My wish list was a short one.

Not really. This turned out to be a more huge project than I anticipated. It will be worth it. It will be worth it. Has become my mantra.

Here's the progress so far:

Tear down ceiling, done!

Insulate ceiling, done!

Redo ceiling, done!

Take out soffit, done!

Boobie lights be gone, done!

Beadboard wallpaper on ceiling, done!

Crown moulding, done!

Shrink too-deep cabinet by 6", done!

Smooth crazy texture on walls, done!

Paint walls, done!

Wood counters (chop down tree, saw into boards, wait 2 years, plane boards, cut into planks, compress together for counters, take to commercial sander, varnish x8 coats), done!

White sink, installed!

Tile backsplash, in progress.

New drawer fronts and cabinet doors, started priming.

Top cabinet fronts needing paint, done!

Lower cabinet fronts needing paint, still needing paint.

Brand-new cabinet built by my handsome handy-man.

Black Walnut for countertops. Worth the wait.

Painted top cabinets, waiting on doors.

8 months pregnant, hanging wallpaper on the ceiling.
These here are good times.

Countertops coming together, with a little help
from our friends the pipe clamps.

Old tile backsplash came off, waiting for new!

Beadboard wallpapered ceiling painted, crown moulding installed and painted,
wall color painted, and new retro linen light fixtures installed.

Hello beautiful. Wood counters are here.
Let the varnishing begin
(upkeep will be the same as a dining room table, wipe down, polish occasionally).

New sink, thanks to a great deal my Dad found for $30. 

It seems like we are mostly done, but we have a few super big projects still in the works.

Cabinet door fronts and drawers still need to be painted and installed.

And someone, I won't mention the name of my designer, picked out the most complicated to install tile for the backsplash. It should be done sometime next year.

Merola Tile Lantern 12-1/2 in. x 12-1/2 in. White Porcelain Mesh-Mounted Mosaic Tile
I have been installing the tile while Jeff makes my ridiculous cut demands on the wet saw.
About 6 hours spent so far working after the kids go to bed (times the two of us) and we are about
half-way done.

 Until next time,



Stacy said...

Beautiful!!! The counters are amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a team you two are! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the update. Jenni B

Ali Walters said...

Hey Al, I would love to know more about the countertops. Could a novice handle doing something similar or is that a project for more advanced wood-workers? We really need to redo our kitchen counters but can't afford much. Thanks, Al