Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrating Mandy

We had family and a few friends over for Mandy's birthday.

Mandy looked forward to her special day with GREAT anticipation.

I had some fun ideas for decorations and food.

The decorations happened thanks to my mom coming a day early and watching the kids so I could spend the afternoon making "happy birthday" banners and picture centerpieces.

I wanted to do individual pear cobblers in mason jars and homemade icecream.

peach cobbler in a jar 016
Photo credit: LifeIsAParty

But it didn't happen. I have 14 bazzion more ideas than I have time for.

Instead, a cake from Costco and pink sherbet ice-cream from Winco. It was gobbled up by the guests with nearly the same enthusiasm as the little cobblers would have been and I had to do zero work.

This is what we mean by "family and a few friends." All but 3 are cousins.
We LOVE our family.

We got Mandy a doll that she had been asking for and we were so pleased that it was love at first sight.

My cousin gave Emma a similar doll from the American Girl Doll collection a few years ago and ever since it has been, "I want a doll like Emma's only with white hair like mine."

A couple of the family and friends bought accessories and clothes to go with the doll (Mandy named her Elizabeth Sally).

Mandy is very easy to please when it comes to gifts... as long as it is girly, pink, or Dora, she is over the moon. We did a little practicing before the big event so that she didn't rush through and remembered to say "thank you." She did well. It's hard to raise a child to be gracious in this culture!  Especially when people so lovingly lavish gifts.

Some wallets to hold her vast holdings of pennies.

A pretty necklace.

It was a perfect celebration for our beautiful girl. 



Grace said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!!! You are such a beautiful little lady!

Sherri said...

It was such a fun party! Mandy is a beautiful birthday girl! I want those pear cobblers for my birthday!!!