Monday, January 20, 2014

Free Chalkboard Nameplate Printable

I made some chalkboard nameplates for above the kids' coat hooks. I designed them in photoshop using a few free resources. Here is a blank nameplate for your personalizing pleasure:

Download the nameplate I created here.

I liked it so much, I used the same basic design for a new blog header. 

To make your own, download the original above, open it in a word processing program (I use Photoshop Elements) and add a text box on top and add whatever words or names you want. I made 4 of these with my kids names. 

The original contains freebies from the following:

Frame link here (it is actually a font with a whole bunch of cool frames).
Paper background link here (awesome blog with lots of freebies).

This is one of the nameplates I created for my oldest daughter:

I printed these out on cardstock and then laminated.

I have been working on our back entry-way, spiffing it up and making it more practical. Coming and going with 6 people and all their winter-wear and footwear is a logistical hazard. I try to keep our "stuff" to a minimum, but wow, it gets messy fast.

Realizing that this messy area, along with running late, is one of my mad-mama triggers, I knew I really needed to make some changes so we could keep it picked-up easily. Getting rid of a bunch of stuff helped. Adding more hooks was also a nice addition. The light in that area was really dim, so I had the handyman install a new, bright light. We also got a new door so that it could close easily and quietly without repeated slamming (may have contributed to my frustration just a touch). Then I painted the walls from mint green to lovely grayish/beigeish -- wall color may not be a mood effecter for some, but it is for me. 

Love this new peaceful color. Love.

Here is a before of the mint medley mudroom... Mmmmm....

This is just a regular chalkboard that I got at a garage sale and I used this technique to write the verse.

I'm pretty happy with how my chalkboard nameplates turned out. I hope you are inspired to combine form and function in your home as well!


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