Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Big Weekend

I think you are supposed to go on vacation over Labor Day, but we didn't. Instead, we got to hang out with people on vacation over Labor Day. My cousin, Jessi and her husband, Drew flew in from Virginia for a wedding. Sunday we went with them to Portland to see the Rose Gardens. Jess really wanted a picture of Mt. Hood, but the weather didn't cooperate. It was overcast and actually a bit chilly in Portland. After or rosey adventure, we went to BJ's for dinner -- very yummy pizza.
Also, over the weekend, my parents came from Olympia to visit. They stayed with us and my mom and I and Andrea went shopping Saturday and scrapped on Monday, and went to a BBQ at my grandparents in Mac. It was a good, full weekend and I am so glad to be back to normal.


Dan & Hillary and baby Russell said...

Thanks for posting pics of your cousins/friends! I like seeing them. I wish I could have scrapbooked with you ladies...
(By the way, NY was just a first-time trip. I think us gals (you, me, Laura) should go again. It was so much fun. You would love it.

andee said...

I wish you a speedy recover from your "holliday" weekend!