Saturday, August 02, 2008


I took pictures this morning for a friend and her family. The weather was ideal, overcast and bright. I love to look at the pictures as soon as I get home to see the magic. It really does seems like magic to me that I can gather people together, get them to sit just right, get the lighting and my camera to cooperate and have the picture look good on the other side. I love taking pictures, but seeing the results is just as fun. 

So, I got the girls down for their naps after lunch and rushed upstairs to look at the pictures, preciously crammed onto my full 2 gig memory card. I usually have at least 1.5 hours before Mandy wakes up and then the fun is over. Not "fun" in the sense that I don't enjoy my children. I just don't enjoy working on the pictures with my children.

Unfortunately, it was one thing after another this afternoon:

"I have to go poop!" Emma shouted from downstairs and I rushed to her aid.

"I have to go potty now." She said after she was back in bed.

"I took a long, long rest and now I can get up." Emma proclaimed at high volume 12 minutes after getting back in bed. I rushed back downstairs so she wouldn't keep yelling and wake her sleeping sister.

"I took a long, long rest and now I can get up and go see Daddy." Emma was sure she had slept, even though it had only been 10 minutes since the last time. Again, I got her back in bed promising swift punishment for getting up again. "But I took a long, long, long rest already," she said.

Back upstairs I tried once again to summon my creative genius when I heard (again at full volume), "I have to go poop again, no potty, no maybe poop. I don't know, but I just want to tr-." I was down the stairs and had my hand over her mouth hoping not to wake her sister.

"Waaaaah," from Mandy's room. I let Emma try to go to the bathroom (and she did again) and I went back upstairs hoping Mandy would go back to sleep after a 1 hour nap and Emma would go to sleep too.

At this precise moment Emma is quiet and I think she fell asleep, but Mandy is rattling her crib bars, hoping to find a way to escape. In the mayhem, I managed to edit 4 images from the photo shoot this morning and post them on my photography blog. My "fun" is over for the day, so more next time.

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