Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeff was discoing with his new iPod

Recently we joined the rest of the world and bought an iPod. Jeff wanted one for some time so that he can listen to it while working. He spends hours and hours in combines or tractors and some of the machinery have tape players/just am radio/just fm radio or one has nothing at all. He becomes a bit of a crazy man after listening to only am radio all day or, worse yet, being in a cocoon of silence all day. The iPod was a great idea, but we couldn't figure it out. As with everything Apple related (my computer is a good example), once I knew what I was doing it seemed SO easy. In the midst of it though, I felt like a bone-head. Thanks to my friend, Jenni, the iPod is up and running and has enough lectures on Revelation to entertain Jeff for hours on end. The Jr. High class that Jeff teaches is going through the book of Revelation and he studies for the lesson throughout the week.

Jenni came to spend some time just "hangin' out." She is used to her friends having kids and knows that there isn't a lot of down-time, but life is really different on the farm. I think she said a total of 14 times, "How do you do this?" It varied a little with, "Why do you do this?" and "I couldn't do this." The baby was crying for more food from the high chair as I buzzed randomly around the kitchen trying to pack the lunch while Emma ran around showing off, changing clothes, trying to get glue and buttons out to make Jenni a picture all while I attempted to carry on a normal conversation. Usually I pack lunch without another adult around so I can throw Mandy food, Emma is much calmer, and I don't attempt to carry on a conversation with anyone. I take lunch to Jeff because he can't come home, it just isn't feasible and I want to see him. The girls do too. So, Jenni came with us on our daily ritual and we had a picnic in the dirt in the field where Jeff was disking -- using the tractor to pull the disc, putting all that straw stubble under the dirt. 

Interruption: my spell checker didn't like "disking" and wanted to substitute "discoing" -- Jeff was discoing. LOL, now I need no more laughs in my day.

"Where is the closest bathroom?" "Do you let Mandy eat the dirt?" "Why can't you turn off the tractor?" "Are you out here by yourself or can other people disc at the same time?" "How long does this take?"

I love Jenni's interest. She is a city girl through and through.
The 3 of us have been friends for almost 8 years, but there are a lot of everyday details that are still a puzzlement to the city folks. They are a puzzlement to me too. Now, why do I let my baby eat dirt and watermelon in the same meal?

These 2 were matching. Too cute.

It was a fun day. I learned a little about the outside world where people eat veggie wraps from restaurants for lunch and I was able to download stuff to the iPod. It was great! And Jenni learned a little what it is like to be a farmer's wife/mom in my very dusty, rarely clean, but blessed life. I love easy friendships that take no more work than a drive to the country.


Jenni said...

I love this friendship too!

Jenni said...

p.s. I don't realize how "city" I am, until I come out there....kinda embarrassing.