Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mandy is 11 months old!

In honor of Mandy's 11 month birthday today, I completed a survey for her about herself. I could go on and on about how she is growing up before my eyes and how much I enjoy her willing smile and recount her birthday story (actually I should recount her ALMOST birth story), but I will save the mushy stuff for next month when my baby turns 1 year old. In the meantime, here's the survey:

Full name: Mandy Rose

Age: 11 months old

Favorite Food: blackberries

Favorite time of day: any time with Daddy

What color of socks are you wearing? bare feet

Last movie you watched in a theater: I don't remember it, but my mommy says I made her puke and miss the Bourn Ultimatum last August in utero.

Ever been skinny dipping? yesterday

What do you do if you are bored? whine

Last time you cried: about 15 minutes ago because Emma smashed my hand with Cocoa the rocking horse

Blueberries or Cherries: blueberries

What is your best physical feature? From all the compliments I get, I would say it is my crystal clear blue eyes

Most afraid of: being thrown in the air too high

How many countries have you been to outside the US? none (my sister is the well traveled one)

What do you want to do when you grow up? be taller than my sister

Favorite drink: life sustaining milk

Ever loved someone so much you cried? I don't think so

What color is your bedroom? yellow (with pink and blue accents)

Do you have any tattoos? no, but I like to try to scratch them off of other people

Croutons or bacon bits: blackberries please

Favorite childhood toy: sticks, rocks, and dirt

Shoe size: 3 (that's in babyland, folks)

I took pictures yesterday of the girls in their sweet matching white dresses. My best laid plans don't always turn out as I would hope, especially not when it comes to photographing my own children. Think any of the pictures were salvageable? Check them out by clicking on the link to my photography blog in the left top of the sidebar. (For some reason the link I previously embedded went to a prophesy website even though the address was correct).


april said...

I love the pictures!!! They are great! Your girls are photogenic! Get them while they are young..hee hee. Speaking from experience..I grew up with my mother snapping all over the place. But that's okay. I don't mind pictures anymore.

Cathy said...

Awww...your "here" links me up to Oops. I'll keep trying to see the pictures. :-)

Laura said...

Emma may have more countries on her list, but Mandy must have more states visited by now.

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Sorry, the link is messed up for me, too. It leads to a prophecy site. Hmm. Luv you!

Cathy said...

Gave up on the "here" link, and moved on to your photography link. Love the pictures! You get better and better!