Monday, September 08, 2008

Where is she?

I know what you are thinking: "Why has she not posted by 4:39 pm on a Monday? What could she possibly be doing that is more important than blogging on Paradise?"

I can hear you. And I will answer.

Sunday we spent with family. My parents came for a visit and we had Mandy dedicated at church. Jeff's parents and brother, sister, aunt and cousin also came. We felt loved. I didn't take any pictures and I have not had time to re-dress Mandy in her pretty dress and do re-enactment pictures. Stay tuned for that.

Today I went to Mac to see my grandma. My cousin from PDX came with her son and my sister was there with her kids, as well as my mom. It was fun and not as chaotic as you would expect from that many kids in one place. I can't believe how time flies through the busy summer.

I was working on a long list of things for MOPS this weekend including a snazzy Adventures in Mothering video. I would upload it and show it to you, but I am having troubles. In interest of actually posting this before tomorrow, I am giving up. As the leader of publicity, I am in charge of  a monthly newsletter, a calendar, and a handbook. The first meeting of the new year is tomorrow morning. I only had about 4 months to work on all this stuff. I procrastinate. It is a flaw. But I've been blogging, so you can't complain.

I was also getting the need for new blog templates out of my system by changing my photography blog look. I have 4 photography sessions coming up and I am looking forward to those. I'll post highlight pictures when they are done.

And the look of Food Love too. Hmm, makes me want to cook, not blog.

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Kelly said...

I am breathing a big sigh of relief now that we've completed the first MOPS meeting of the year! You are wonderful with your S.T. job and it's fun to watch you use the gifts and talent God has given you!