Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday morning fashion

Emma always picks out what she wears and dresses herself; most of the time there is more than one outfit per day. She loves clothes and loves mixing and matching. I must admit that I rarely argue with her any more because she is so happy in her sometimes strange outfits.

Her need for style now stretches to picking out her sister's clothes. On days where we are not going anywhere, I let Emma choose Mandy's clothes. But I am in charge of Mandy's look if we are going to be seen in public. It reflects badly on me if Mandy is wearing things that don't match and I have pride issues. It is hard enough to let Emma go out looking strange. I realize that someday soon I will have two daughters eager to assert their individuality. I am sure my pride will get more than one hit along the way. Baby steps.

Sunday morning Emma was already dressed in her spring polkadot dress and was helping me with Mandy:

Emma: "I really need Mandy to match me."

Mom: "But Mandy doesn't have any polkadots. She can where her jean skirt and boots."

Emma: "Please, I really need Mandy to wear blue like me."

She help up a blue plaid dress with a fur collar that I was half-hoping would make it through the holiday season without being worn. The dress was a gift and I wasn't entirely sure Mandy could pull off such a "festive" look.

Emma was quite sure that her polkadots and this blue plaid were perfect, so I finally relented. I imagined people would assume our family is fashion challenged, but if we can't be accepted as we are at church, where can we?

It wasn't until Emma put on her shoes that her "matching" began to make sense to me. She had in mind all along to wear her blue plaid shoes with the polka-dot dress, so of course she matched with Mandy.

Let me zoom in on the shoes and Mandy's dress so you can see for yourself that they match perfectly.

See. Matching.


Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

So precious! Emma knew what she was doing all along. Too bad it took her mom so long to 'get it'! I remember my sis Andrea used to dress herself and wear short on top of her pants. I was so embarrased (she was 3, I was 13). My mom would just say, "if she's happy, leave her alone."

Grandma Sherri said...

I love the "festive" dress! And It was very thoughtful of you to let them match! I know how difficult it must have been for you:)
PS- I got my battery,my phone should be charged and working by tomorrow!

Kellie said...

Way to go Emma! Grace and Ethan have had a few matching outfits and Grace LOVES them. She gets such a thrill to have her little brother match her. She also likes to pick out her own outfits but usually does a fairly good job matching. Her idea of matching is to wear all the same color and sees no difference between shades of pink.

april said...

That is too cute! I think it's great that you are getting to know your girls and their quirks and personalities. I admire that. Keep up the good work!

Lindsay said...

They look totally adorable. The "festive" dress is cracking me up. And I must admit, I have pride issues, too. But I'm working on it. Good job Alysun! :)

Marci said...

You know as homeschoolers our goal was to have our children become God honoring, independent thinkers and not swayed by peer pressure. Well, we must accept the fact that that can include how they want to dress. This from a mother who's boys still think camo is IT! Oh for the days I could dress them in Osh Gosh and not get any arguments! Now I'd love to see them in a shirt and tie, but I know they'd rather die first! At least they're clean...and love the Lord!!!