Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I recently went to the zoo with my sister and her kids. She has a membership, so we were able to go quite affordably free. I love having rich relatives. :) It was a lovely fall day and I couldn't even resist taking a picture of the animals (I usually abstain because taking pictures of zoo animals seems a bit touristy).

Ben LOVES the zoo and was our tour guide, telling us all sorts of information I never knew I needed to know. Emma enjoyed herself a great deal too, although she doesn't have the same zeal for knowledge. She just wanted to jump in the pen with the bear.

Sitting on the giant frog and getting your picture taken is a must on all zoo trips. I did not get my picture taken because my camera barely knows how to take pictures of me. I didn't make into a single recorded moment of the excursion. But that is why I blog, so I have some identity. I don't need no stinkin' frog.

We even saw a movie star at the zoo that day and I got a picture!

Oops. No, that is just my beautiful sister. Now that we have the same haircut, it is a little eery going in public together because people think we look so much a like. One lady even thought we were twins. As I got ready before heading to the zoo that morning, I methodically pinned my hair back as to change my look a little, retain my individuality and such. And then I saw my sister and she had also pinned her hair back. Do you think we look alike? We don't see it.

Emma looked for the lions everywhere, but Benton said, "No Emma, that exhibit won't be open until Summer of  '09." I think maybe we need to take another trip to Africa and see some in the wild. Although, that is a little more than a zoo membership and takes a bit longer than the drive to Portland.

We left before the kids melted down, so it was a perfect day. Mandy and Nathaniel were asleep before we hit the freeway, but the older ones just went bonkers, as per normal.

Fun day!


Grace said...

Wow! That last picture is priceless! Sorry, but I do think you look alike! But I've never met either of you face to face! :-)

simplykersh said...

Yeah, you look alike. But only from the eyes down, you have different eyes. The same hair cut helps it along, but it is very cute on both of you.

Lindsay said...

Sounds like fun, I love your recount of the day. I do think you and your sis look a lot alike. Maybe not "twinsy" but you definately look like sisters :)

The last picture is SO CUTE!

Andee said...

We had fun too. And bonkers describes it pretty well. As does that last picture :) I still don't think we look alike. Except for the gorgeous part. If we have to have something in common it might as well be that!

Sara said...

Yes, you look alike! I thought that picture was of you for a split-second! There are enough differences between you both that I don't know if I would think you were identical twins though. What a fun trip to the zoo! Makes me want to take Abby another time before it gets too cold!

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Glad the day was a success! Russell still has no use for the zoo;-)

Grandma Sherri said...

No I do not think you look alike. Sister resemblance only, I don't even think the hair looks that much alike. I agree with Andrea though about the both gorgeous, but I'm prejudiced! Love the coming home pic and Mandy and Nat on the frog!

april said...

I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I think that there are a lot of similarities between you. Even though my sisters are twins and I am the oldest, some people use to think that we were triplets. Now that we are older, some say I look like one of the twins. Weird!
I'm glad that you all had a great day! Looks like fun!

Jenni said...

Love, love, love the picture of the zebras!!! You're so gifted Al!