Friday, December 12, 2008

Love stories I love

We subscribe to netflix and really enjoy having movies at our disposal. We don't watch much tv at all any more, but enjoy a good movie every now and then. We used to rent a movie about once a month and cringe at the price, all the while hoping it would be a good one. And now we have our queue of movies and shows we want to watch and the next item on the list is shipped after we return the previous one. Today Emma and I discovered that we can finally watch movies on demand (all the old classics) with our Macintosh computer. She watched a Christmas movie this morning about an angel while I made Cherry Chocolate Bread Pudding -- it was a fun morning.

My husband is more of the Action Adventure/sci-fi kind of guy while I prefer a good Romantic Comedy. Our current queue has our choice of films every other one and it usually works out great. When his movie comes, I find a good book to read while I pretend to watch with him. My wonderful husband is nicer to me and suffers through the film, adding his own commentary. We have great fun. Our latest Romantic Comedy was "Maid of Honor" and I was so disappointed with it. Instead of a fun, romantic plot, it was about a womanizing playboy who couldn't stop having sex with women long enough to realize he was in love with his female best friend, the only woman in New York he hadn't slept with.  This disappointing movie got me wishing Hollywood would make movies like they used to, even ten years ago. They weren't full of sex and blatant displays of homosexuality, they just had two people with a fun plot who fell in love with a nice kiss at the end.

Here are my top 5 picks:

  1. While You Were Sleeping, with Sandra Bullock. To me, this is one of the best Christmas love stories probably because I watched it with my sister and friends so much I have it memorized. "You know Jo Junior is still single...". Lucy: "Shocker." 
  2. You've Got Mail, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I asked my husband what his favorite Romantic Comedy was and this was his pick if he HAD to choose. I have to agree that this is a great one. The chemistry is great and the plot is funny and best of all, clean.
  3. The Notebook. Holy smokes I love this movie. I couldn't watch it every day or I would surely run out of tears, but it is a poignant love story. It has a couple scenes that you would be embarrassed to show your mom, so skip over those, but for the most part it is just heart wrenchingly beautiful.
  4. Hitch with Will Smith. This is a new one that I think was done really well. I laugh hysterically through parts, like the allergic reaction part and the part when he nocks her into the water. 
  5. One Night with the King, Fox Faith movie about Esther. There are so many details in the story of Esther that are not explained in the Bible, yet this movie weaves a fictional plot that had me clenching my throw blanket between nervously fisted fingers. I fell in love with the king and was inspired by gentle, sweet Esther. 
I had a hard time picking just 5 because I love a good love story so much. What is your favorite in this genre?


Melanie said...

I find favorites so hard to choose! Here are a couple newer ones you might look into, though:

-Green Card
-Stranger than Fiction (I'm not sure if this is exactly romantic comedy, but it is funny and it is romantic. If I remember correctly, it implies they sleep together but isn't particularly explicit.)

Kari Wright said...

Your first two are my first two. I also have While You Were Sleeping memorized, my hubby thinks I'm crazy to keep watching it, when I could just as easily walk around the house quoting it! too funny!

Kellie said...

I'm also a fan of The Wedding Singer, all the 80's music is great! And definitely You've Got Mail. I love a good romantic comedy :)

Lindsay said...

I haven't seen One night with the King...but I love all your other picks. I also would say The Wedding Singer and Music and Lyrics. We also love Cinderella Man, a love story tied through scenes of boxing makes for a movie that both Craig and I enjoy!

simplykersh said...

I would have to say my favorite one is Return To Me.